What do you do for a living?

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Just wondered what people do for a living, Engineer, Electrician, Dole bum?...lol

I don't work at the mo, having a long Holiday away from the numbers but usually i do Landscaping or any type of Gardening.....bit cold at this time of year tho...brrrrr...

so, what do you do? :)


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Builder and plasterer.. tho theres nothing I dont do ( Electrics, joinery etc ), these I do mostly..

.. and in my spare time I modify cars.. a lot!..


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my embarasingly varied career is!
tyre/exhaust fitter
kart mech/greenkeeper


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My career seems rather different to everyone elses and Im sure many people will not like it but I am a Police officer (is their anybody else who is?)


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I sell outdoor clothing and skiwear, the job doesn't suit me at all but out of the 172 jobs I applied for I got 2 interviews and one job, lol.


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Im an electrical apprentice but also do home appliance repairs and small home repair maintenance jobs etc now and then using the skills i learnt in my old job, i left school at 16 :)


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I fancy auto mechanics too, id much prefer gettin mucky and pulling stuff apart n fixin it :) Im doin Psychology and Photography atm.


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I'm a Calibration apprentice for GE aviation, also know as Smiths aerospace in cheltenham

im also at college 1 day a week, passed my first year in electrical/electronics.


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I work for Polypipe Terrain as a Technical Engineer. Do drainage designs in CAD.

Also studying for my HNC in building services engineering!


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Why wont we like a police officer..

What type of police are you ?
People just don't tend to like Police for obvious reasons, I'm still doing my probation at the moment (which is two years long) after next year I will be able to specialise in what i want which is ARV.


I'm a support technician and network administrator for an energy consultancy. I also do the audio / video at the company's conferences (Birmingham NEC / Brussles).

It's not a bad job but i'm struggling with a nightmare Microsoft Exchange problem at the moment!

I'l soon be training to become an MCSE.


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i work in a local Toy Shop (selling fireworks this time of year is always good fun :p)

I'm also doing my NCFE Level 2 in Digital Photography


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I work at british aerospace (BAE Systems) as an Aircraft Fitter, thats my apprenticeship anyway, i come out of my time in a few months.


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Im a Student bum......oh yeah(Y)

But soon to be working in domino's witham for a couple of months taking orders, then turn 18 and will be delivering pizza's! Good job as i love my car, love to drive it, and i am not too keen on pizza's so wont go eating them:p


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Student (2nd year of a BEd primary teaching degree)
And been working part time on Bikehut in Halfords for the ebst part of 3 years.


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egherm, *cue the insults*

i work for halfords as a Department manager. (pays minimum wage and i need a new job....anyone got one going, dont mind where)
ive got GCSE x10 C+
3x A's levels (art, tech, Physics)
Motor vehicle Mechanics level 1 and 2

and 5 years retail management experience....

anyone offering?


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In my final year of an MEng Electronic Engineering degree at Sussex uni, then going back to work with the company I had my engineering placement with, Thales Defence :)


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What a varied bunch the MSC are!!!!!

Robert, quick word of advice - DON'T DO IT!!!!

Oh... I'm a primary school teacher :laugh:


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Student (2nd year of a BEd primary teaching degree)
And been working part time on Bikehut in Halfords for the ebst part of 3 years.
didnt spot that...

exactly how many halfords employees are there on here?fwn


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jarthur05, we should meet up, i live at fiveways, you? you got msn? (edgarlaver69@hotmail.com)

i'm trained in outdoor survival:D and hope to teach it when i get a job, just volunteering at the moment. and am sorta on my gap year traveling in feb:D

but i work in a bakery atm:D:D

james betley

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i am a car valeter doing service washes new car full valets and used car as well i work at mercides crylister jeep and smart verry hard work but good


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I work for a gas & electric company in their IT department and i also run my own businesses, doing hair extensions / wigs/hair and i also make customised t shirts, jewellery, bags, accessories and stuff like that.

Im also doing a part time degree


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Embedded Systems Design Engineer (hardware and software)
Transport Applications (Automotive & Rail)

It's only traffic enforcement we have a problem with :D lols
Off the topic sorry but:

the police are ACE and they do a CORKER JOB....especially the traffic police...

IMO: this unfortunate stereotype comes from a combination of a proportion of idiodts that burn up speed restictions (mainly 30 Zones) showing off on testoterone overdoses etc and are miffed cos they get shafted and small minority of officers who are snotty/arragant/impolite/power-trip when they do a stop (and thats a human/personnallity thing...not a police thing. In my experience MOST officers are ROLE MODDELS

Im a student bum (not really a living).
there's no such thing as a 'student bum' unless it all goes to waste

dig in and you be glad of it in the end :)

Road Safety Engineer....... saving lives on a daily basis (or that's what we tell ourselves!)
Give uz a job...(that's on my short list of hobbies: Namely

Road Safety, & advanced driving & riding
K10's,: I love em
Nitrous Oxide Injection, Yee haa
Music, Allsorts
Martial Arts ('boards dont hit back')

and a few others...
jarthur05, we should meet up, i live at fiveways, you? you got msn? (edgarlaver69@hotmail.com)
I live in Coombe Road area. It's off Lewes Road, past Sainsburys. jarthur03@hotmail.com.

In my final year of an MEng Electronic Engineering degree at Sussex uni, then going back to work with the company I had my engineering placement with, Thales Defence :)
I'm also at Sussex Uni. I'm not really in the SAS, that was a downright lie. I'm a law student (which is almost as exciting...right?)


At present I'm an IT contractor working as a Wintel Server Administrator for a huge Financial Institution. Seem's I'm destined to be a IT whore (contractor) for a while. Still the moneys good.


I need to find that photoshop of you done a few years back, that was hilarious!

I'm an IT Project Consultant. In non-management speak that means I drive to our clients' workplaces and fix their computers and I design and code websites in XHTML, PHP and MySQL


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i used to be a nissan technician - a tip for all you apprentice mechanics, infact mechanics aswell. get out now before it's too late. the money is always going to be crap. unless you're one of the really lucky ones.
i work at the toyota factory in derby, building the avensis. been there 5 and half years now. god that's gone fast! and i'm earning over double what i was getting at a franchised nissan garage.


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I'm a Clinical Co-ordinator at a local hosp. Looking for something far more exciting tho!


Quality Assurance For Ring Automotive, with a bit of Technical Support.

Goods In Testing of all Products (Mainly Bulbs).
Report Writing on New & Competitors Products.
Look on MSC website when boss ain't looking, lol.


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I'm a Senior Web Developer for a online gaming company in Sunderland. I specialise in Flash Actionscript, C#, ASP.NET mainly.

Loving it as just got a large raise. :)

I also run my own Multimedia Design Company and I'm a fully qualified Reflexologist


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just gone self employed as a joiner but can do brickwork and plaster, done alsorts in past, must have had about 20+ jobs (agencies :mad:) but as for now im a joiner lol

kristian..... are you qualified in anytrade mate?


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im training to be a civil engineer, currently working to replace manhole chambers and sewage pipes, crap job (no pun intendid) but i guess i gotta do it
Started out as a sparky and maintenance apprentice, before a trip through retail and ending up as a IT break/fix hardware tech.

(Had the opportunity to turn a bit of glamour photography into a career. Wish I had as my old mate has made a fortune from filming porn!)