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  • Keeping it for a bit longer now mate going for its MOT just taxed it and got private plates on sorting her out so got faith in the old girl yet will give you first refusals when I do sell mate
    sounds good to me mate sorry ave not been on for a while how much u lookin for the car so i can get the pennys rolled up thats if u still have the car lol
    how's it goin mate i am hearing you are selling the micra. is it sr or super s . i have an sr as it is but looking for another if you hit me up with details about it i may be interested in taking it just let me know all the ins and outs if it needs anything done or whatever cheers mate
    Alright mate, you may have a potential buyer :p
    Just sent him your way and yes he is part of the MSC :)
    Thats the thing people don't really understand how much work has to be put in to it lol. Mods for the car is what I'm wanting for xmas. If I don't speak to you before have good xmas and new years.
    Woah didnt know that there was so much that you had to do to enter the force :S
    Good to hear that everything is going well buddy. Yeah still scrounging off the state (What us students do best lol). I hate Xmas, all money money money and that could mean mods to my car :)

    speak soon, take it easy dude!
    Well it took me ages to be honest mate lol there is alot involved it took me about 20months to go from my application form submitted to getting an assesment date. In that you have to do a verbal reasoning test, numerical reasoning test, two role plays dealing with 2 very different situations whilst respecting diversity etc etc then theres the interview which is 20-30min long and you just get bombarded with questions and have 5 minutes to answer them if you finish early you sit there waiting for the allotted time to end, after this there was my fitness test (roughly 7 weeks after I pasted my assesment) then after that I had sercurity vetting and medical tests. Not been in to long only about 6 months so far. Everything is good at my end just getting ready for xmas and preparing for the new arrival. How about you still scrounging from the state lol.
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