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  • Hi, Noddie. I can't access your Nodspeed site. Are you still selling polyurethane bushes? I would like to buy a set if you don't mind shipping to the USA. I need them for a Pao, which uses K10 parts. I read that the K11 bushes can be used. If you still sell them, what is the cost for a full set plus shipping to Huntsville, ALabama, 35811, USA?
    hi noddie , i wounder if you can help, my sons r into bangeracing. we've stripped a loom from an imported automatic micra march. we have rejoined the wires but something is not right. its trying to start but keeps poping out the throttle body ,, is there an easy way to make a loom and if so how ,, my contact number is 07510423990 and my email address is , [email protected] , many thanks
    Hi pal, I'm just after a price for a front and back strut brace and adjustable panhard rod, all bare, unpainted + postage and maybe a few free stickers please =D
    It seems In my kid like giddiness to paint and fit the strut braces I've opened the package and thrown most of it away, like a penis. My bad, doesn't matter my fault pal.
    remind me sunday evening, ill get some in the post monday morning :)
    Awesome! They're going straight on the side windows, thanks.
    hi Noddie how you doing

    im new to the forum only joined yesterday but already been reffered to you ,

    i was just asking the guys about struts front and rear and was given your name

    was just wondering how much of a difference it actually makes?

    ive checked on ebay and they are aroun £70
    Hi Zehn,
    Sorry not to reply, Iv only just realised that this is a place where people can message me and im not alerted on my phone if you message me on my profile. PM is better really.
    If you check my for sale threads on here you will see the prices are a fair bit lower (mainly down to the saving on ebay fees)
    All the best,
    Hi Noddie,
    After seeing my buddy's panhard rod you made him I'm in need of one too :)
    If it's possible posting to the Netherlands?

    hi im interested in an adjustable panhard when you can make one please!
    No problem :) im pretty well known on here :D
    Cool, just include full name and address with deposit if you would
    deposit sent :)
    got the info too! cheers
    Ill let you know once it done (end of next week).
    Hi noddie looking to get an on car adjustable panhard rod, when can you get it done by and would you accept a bank transfer rather than PayPal as it takes six working days to clear on paypal
    Hello! I liked to have the wiring diagram to a 1.3 k11, i´m doing a swap to a sr20de from a N14 sunny gti..
    so i need the pinout and stuffs to make it happen :) micro81 at hotmail.. if it´s ok! :D
    hi mate noticed you sent out a wiring diagram, i am trying to do this conversion 1.3 16v into a mini but all the wiring diagrams i have a wrong i.e haynes could you send me what you got my email address is [email protected], hopefully i can make some sense of it.
    Hey bud, do you have any off-car adjustable pandhard rods kicking about for sale? Cheers dude.
    I dont, I will be able to make one fairly soon if you like? It looks like i will be travelling back home (so to my workshop) within the next couple of weeks.
    Ah, no worries bud! Need it fairly soon so I'll pay the bit extra for a whiteline one - sorry mate.
    panhard rod arrived to do with a few other things, but great job with the rod mate its a brilliant build :grinning: thanks again noddie :laugh:
    Hi there mate, you ok? i've just bought some of those jdm lights that you had on your white slx and haven't got a clue on how to wire them up.... was wondering if you could help me please? I would really appreciate the help, thank you

    hey mate, your inbox is full, any chance of clearing it got a pm i need to send you

    he buddy

    can you make me a on car adjustable Panhard Rod for my 2001 k11
    i live in the netherlands ..
    you have paypal ?


    hey ed hows things thanks for the info is it an easy job could i do it myself or is it a job for an auto electrician as i want it sorted have you done any of that sort of work coz i want that rev counter and clock working

    hope you can help dan
    it would be good and do you think i could spray my steels im thinking white to match the bodywork and with smoothed bumpers im also gettin a internal boot release soi can get arid of that sightly lock that they have on the back smooth out the numberplate recess then would look sick
    just to let you know next march im gonna get rid of my micra and get a mazda 2 under the scrappage scheme if its still there coz i want a car with a modern look and an alarm ive decided and the model im gettin is a 1.3ts
    yeah it will be good to c u hopefully ull have the gx back up and running done anymore to the fiesta conversion yet ill get mine through the mot first b4 i do anymore mods to it
    well ive got my mot in a couple of weeks and will need to spend a bit on it coz i know its gonna fail due to drivers sill problem ive got on the thing next time im down eastbourne ill shoot through to brighton an come see you if your there obviously ill ring first to see if your in
    only cost me 35 for rad and fan all together wernt too bad i followed my old man through falmer he noticed my wheel was coming off turned a corner and then dropped my dad then got his brother and his dad out from eastbourne to help me out hows katherine im putting my steel wheels back on till i get longer wheel studs
    ive fitted a new radiator and fan so all ive got left to do now is put longer studs on the hubs for the 15s to go on to coz the studding isnt long enough for the wheel nuts to thread onto
    suppose we could drive abit slower and it would look a lot better we will try to get to yours for as near to the time that you said as poss c u sunday dan
    Im meeting wgc_daz at dartford tunnel at 9.30 so we are bout an hour and 2 mins according to the sat nav so we should be with you round about 10.30
    are we still ok to come for a cuppa and is there enough room outside yours to park c u nxt wkend dan
    got the wheels just waiting for rear lights and grill then im done for this month will add a pic of grill on my car wen its on there
    hey mate hows things been working hard the only thing bout my job is that im not raking in enough cash to do my micra up in one go but oh well im getting rear lights from wgc_daz and open mouth grill from ritchie plus the wheels im getting from ebay my cars going to look the nuts
    hey mate if ur going the marina for nexs meet ill see you then ill be rolling down with wgc_daz (darryl) as he is using the same route as me
    hey mate will u be at brighton on the 28th coz im coming down from bexley kent txt me on 07933687018 and we could meet and roll down to the marina together as im a new member i want to meet someone first

    hope to hear from you

    daniel (danny1.0l)
    hey noddie, i thought i pm'd u lol no wonder there was no reply. nah mate thats no good, i went to a nissan dealer by mine £65 a new 1. i think ill search ebay lol.
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