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  • John_D
    John_D replied to the thread Need help.
    Hi the code you need appears to be 0389....
  • John_D
    John_D replied to the thread Radio Code Pls!.
    Hi, try 7104 or 1104....
  • John_D
    John_D replied to the thread RADio code.
    Hi, as I understand it the 'Secure' message is on step up from 'Wait 1 Hour' , not sure how you get rid of that one. :0( However if you...
  • John_D
    John_D replied to the thread NISSAN Micra Radio Code Please!.
    Hi try 6369 or 0369...
  • nissan boy
    some pics missing, found the coil pack top mounts after built different to the dizzy, (seem a bit better harder wearing/stiffer design...
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    Etka replied to the thread NISSAN Micra Radio Code Please!.
    Can someone help me? I need a radio code for my Nissan Micra K13 2016. Serial number: HY66N01306 Part: number: 28185 3HN4C Prod Date: 16...
  • ighhh
    I bought it for £28 with the discount from hotukdeals. The offer isn't on at the moment though
  • Agent_Sm1th
    I figured you might not have gone the kit route :) The T5 led holders being the black led holders right? EDIT......Just looked online...
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    Bougourd replied to the thread SGR K11 - "Micra Zowski".
    Was using it daily for a week while getting the arches welded on my van and quite enjoyed it, apart from being slow. Gravel autotest...
  • 3
    Hi there, very interesting read. Sounds like your car been with you a good while, ours very similar. Like that. Just wandering if you...
  • 3
    YO! Cheers bud for the post. Yeah man, I'd have happily have taken your door cards off you but so much has changed since I was last on...
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    Geelay updated their status.
    Can some help me with radio code, this is my serial number pp300mb0001568 part number is3000
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    JJ28 posted the thread Radio Code Pls! in General Chat.
    Replaced battery - cannot find the radio code in my documentation - can anyone help please - BP 7383A 9262159
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    zagmi replied to the thread RADio code.
    Hello, can somebody help me with a radio code? BP6340V3592614 7 646 340 318 The radio currently is displaying "Secure". I have...
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    Hello, I'm too in need of a code for my radio for my Micra k12 2003 The serial numbers are: BP334936344536 and CDK 7643349318 Big...