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alrite frank thinking of doing a engine swap in my 1994 super s . not sure which engine to do . sr20et or b16 or k20 could you give me any advice of which would be best? thanks alot
i never tried an engine swap mate, more into diesels nowadays tbh
As I have two accounts how can I remove the account that doesn't have the membership in. Peter0003
Hi, My Dads having problems with his ps. Its just heavy to turn and seams to stick a bit in the straight ahead position most noticeably on the motorway where its hard to keep in a straight line. I disconnected the uj and it still felt stiff and sticking. I've took the column out but can find nothing obvious at fault. I wondered if you would be willing to have a look at it for us. Thanks Steve
Where are you located? But yes if your near to Birmingham.