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Good evening Didier, I have been looking for someone in France or Holland to ask some questions about left hand drive Micra K12 parts, if you can help it would be great...Regards

Bonsoir Didier, je cherchais quelqu'un en France ou en Hollande pour poser quelques questions sur les pièces Micra K12 conduite à gauche, si vous pouvez aider ce serait génial ... Cordialement
Hi, my PS light comes on if I turn the ignition straight away but doesn’t if I turn the keys, wait for the lights (including PS light) to come on and go off and then start the engine. Fault code read as C1608. Any idea on the best thing to do? Thanks in advance :)
Hi There everyone, John in Scotland here. I am trying to locate a K10 replacment exhaust system for my Pao. I know that I need to remove and reposition the flange to fit the pal. Just looking for a good supplier I am also looking for a O/F cv joint.

I have a spare Pao heater box. The fan works perfect but there is a slight leak on the plastic heater matrix hence why I replaced it.
I have a k10 micra for sale