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No requests for radio codes on here please. Post in one of the established code request threads and I will help if I can.
2004 1.2 SE, intermittently PS doesn't "kick in" when you start it. Daughter has been living with this for months, turning off/on and eventually it works. Yesterday I had same issue, no PS, drove about 3 miles, turned it off/on and PS was then fine for the rest of the day. This morning daughter went to it and couldn't get PS working. At no time has the PS light come on to indicate a failure.
Any suggestions?
Correct, no power steering, but no warning light. If you didn't know it was too heavy compared to normal, there's no indication that it's faulty.
Power steering back to normal. Much appreciated you taking the time to run through the diagnostics and see why my PS was duff. Replacement has been fitted with no problem, the installation guides were invaluable. Very interesting and informative chat on all things EPAS on a Micra. Thanks again.
Thanks Ray. Nice to meet such a nice gentleman.