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do you know if Ed still makes ecu for micra k11 with nats 2 delete ?
Ok can you tell me. Ive been reading about peoble useing older ecu with No nats. Do you know what ecu? An if its a big hassel to doo?
you need the prenats oblong ecu, and you have to swap about 3 wires iirc, there should be some threads on here somewhere
ty alot i will look for it
Hello MrFahrenheit,

Thank you so much for your kindly intervention. Your intuition is right. I have been like a bear with a sore head with this for some time and it has made things difficult for me, although there are much much worse things in live of course. Would you be able to contact me on stevedwns@googlemail.com just in case we are not allowed to talk about this sort of thing.
Many thanks.
Indeed. I was a bit unsure myself how to propose it, but as I'm giving it away I'd hope it wouldnt affect a 'buy and sell' forum. I shall send an email within the next hour, check your spam in case it goes there. Any problems let me know. Regards, Andrew.