Car Plans for JAE


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Hi everyone. Thought I'd be optimistic and start a thread for everyone to list their car modification plans in time for JAE! Trying to cheer myself up at the moment (and avoid my dissertation) so here goes....

Pete's Modified 1.3 Micra SR:

- Fit lowering springs and new dampers (sitting in boxes)
- Respray OMP strutbrace
- Big new audio install, dual 12" JBL subwoofers, 1kwrms, cabling, etc
- Possibly new alloys, otherwise fit new tyres to oem alloys
- Machine buff and polish bodywork
- Oem ECU remap
- Ceramic coat the Janspeed manifold
- Maybe the turbo conversion if I get time (fit intercooler, new manifold, etc, etc)



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Fit a windscreen which isn't cracked.
Resolve my NATS code error 21 (injector fault)
Repair small crack on bumper, and a few body work touch ups.
Make sure nothing else breaks! lol


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fit wide arches, remove and refit rebuilt engine, maybe turbo re-build, re-paint most of the car, spray the engine bay white, tint windows chrome at rear, fit my other nismo stuff.....

fix immobiliser...


King of Subsonic
And more!
Did you miss the bit about me banning you from making any posts in this thread? :laugh: ;)

Can't wait to see it though mate, but get the NA conversion done first...! Fingers crossed that it's ready.

Saying that with my plans....I'm getting a £3k welcome bonus for my new job, so I may have (after too much of a wait) my dream car after all, a 200SX :)


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My plans:

-Strip old k10.
-Fit 1.2 engine off pietro with 34inch weber.
-New alloys. (undecided on size atm)
-Fit -35mm lowering set up.
-Wider arches mod in black.
-Rolling road sessions to tune engine for best performance all round.
-Smooth in some parts.
-Do custom body modification plans.
-Touch up any paint problems.
-Respray strut brace and fit.
-Undecided on audio set up as yet. (if there will be one)
-And possibly more.

And only 150 days left to do it in.....


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hmmm, lets see...
If my car gets its sill welded up and gets another MOT then I will be refitting the alloys, and adding Super S bumpers, but that's it for now!


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lower, fully strip out interior (agian), whiteline brace on, both my cobra bucket seats in, 4-point harness (as i have only one 3 point harness) exhaust, put my white alloys on, an other bits and what not.


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oh where shall i start and i am bein v optermistic.
open grill bad boy bonnet
tinted rear half limo black
blisterien kit
and strut brace
oh and fix a dent in me car which is another story but basically some chav kiked it then i put him in hospital with brocen nose n eye socket swollen eye lots of blood and semi unconcouse.
lol soz lots of anger still left from that incident

and need new exhast


Iggy Iggy oooooooooo
I know its not a Micra but i should be doing:

Lowering 40mm
finishing off ICE install
Possibly new alloys
Finish off full re-trim of interior


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I might actually get round to getting the bike on the road, finding my tent and washing my sleeping bag, oh and trying making sure I'm not working that weekend.


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well all i have to do to mine is:

  • lower and fit my front kyb shocks (rears on on)
  • fit my white dished wheels
  • uprated brakes (sunny 1.4 or pulsar not sure i have both)
  • cat back 2" straight though exhaust with just a 4" tip, or 2" side exit
  • sort out my front bumper and put on a megane front splitter
  • strip out the front (rear is stripped)
  • stone chip my rear archs (front ones are done lol)
  • take my rocker cover of and fit my red one (even had air chizel on the screw and they wont come off need drilling!)
  • paint my engine bay proporly! as its bodged with hammerite and a brush :p
  • i would call it a day...wouldnt mind a new bucket seat tho and gear knob. after its cams and a re-mapp! if that even happens!


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well i got a few things i wanna do to my car but unfortunately dont think i will get them done for JAE not sure if i can get there this year either so i not best amussed anyway here wot i got planed.

re-spray whole dash and rest of my interior
get out all stone chips/scratches around my car (done by my bro professionally does it)
get alloys refurb (also done by my bro)
get new seat covers.