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  • Hi..... how much is a convertable micra like this going to cost me???
    Hey there :) It's all dependant on how good condition you want it to be! They can be anything from 1500-3500! 2k should get you a good one though, mine cost not much more than that, and that was an excellent one! Try Adrian Flux or Sky for insurance too :)
    thats still good tho, even a rejig is very rewarding, giving peace of mind.

    my story is null, too much still going on, its a pain in the ass, maybe start on friday? its my day off :D
    hey niki i miss you too, but not long now, 9 days or so :D

    oh awesome you have been working hard :D cya real soon ok :D
    damn straight, :D you got back ok then? have you seen my post in the news feed?
    :glomp: I miss you too, but i am back in the UK tomorrow for at least two months, and i WILL see you in those two months more than once i am sure of it so don't worry ;)
    Niki....erm....well... damn it there's nothing wrong with you >>
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