what did you do to your micra today ?

Little sneak preview.
Red injectors from qg15/18 211cc. Hoping to drop the base fuel pressure to around 2 bar too.
Peugeot hdi intercooler to front mount the intercooler next to the rad, reducing the need for complex piping.

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I've ruined my car 🙁
Omey Island, by any chance?
Yeah good guess! Don't know how many beach crossing places like this there are in Ireland but it can't be many. Was a very strange experience, the worst part was just coming up to the shore of the island. The sand was absolutely rock hard, and in that wavy pattern it settles like underwater. I think it's shortened the life of my suspension by about 5,000 miles.


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You appear to have driven in a straight line? Driving on sand / beaches (which is a common thing in Ireland) is all about going as sideways as possible ;)


I've ruined my car 🙁
You appear to have driven in a straight line? Driving on sand / beaches (which is a common thing in Ireland) is all about going as sideways as possible ;)
Ah yes I see what you mean. This picture was taken from the island side, where the sand was absolutely rock hard in those mad patterns, which meant I was basically idling in second or the car would fall to bits. Don't worry I did pull the fun lever a few times on the flat bit in the middle. And on some sand dunes I found. Nearly got stuck on them


I've ruined my car 🙁
Didn't know there wasn't anyone left living out there. In fact there's a house in the middle of being built. And here was I worried about making noise out on sand dunes.

Typical Irish story isn't it, born in the West, moves to the UK, and emigrates to Australia to work in trades.

Balls deep in a HG change. Getting the head skimmed next week, then powering on to reassembling everything. Someone please cross their fingers for me....... Look how cute an ma10 is next to a cg


I've ruined my car 🙁
Readied the car for the nct (yearly test). Currently awaiting results....

Failed on drivers ball joint. Good thing I have spare wishbones on the parts car
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Changed the diesel filter the other night. A bit of a pig of a job but nothing major. Hadn't changed it for about 60,000 miles so thought I'd better get 'er done :oops: :D.
give her a good clean last night then cleaned in inside and out abit more,
also cockpit shine works well on the seat belts, as they were not recoiling , bit of that (its seems quite heavy silicon based) and they are all free now
and aswell used aload of foam tape in the door to reduce vibrations, cause its annoying and heavy bass haha


Skimmed and a new cam oil seal, doing the final clean up of carbon and old gaskets. Going to have a stab at lapping the valves when they come out to do the stem seals.
Tried to swap the shock bushes off the knacker sport+ to bumblebee , did not work sport+ is far to rusted , cleaned the dizzy cap out , and its going to need replacing cause the damps starting to cause minor problems and the contacts are looking worse for wear
Did tho tighten the throttle :)

Making sure my thermostat behaves properly

Valve cover lacquered dry with new mushrooms and gasket ready for reinstall

Pulley painted and I couldn't resist painting the timing mark red

Valves out this morning, will be lapping only the four exhaust valves as the inlets all looked perfect.

Finally finished cleaning all of the gasket surfaces. I don't see how people do this while the head is still in the car. Took me total about 9 hours to get every surface clean of old gasket collecting a steering boss today might chuck my wheel on later. I've gone for the generic omp deep dish wheel. Feels dope.
got 40mpg goning to sheffield and back from durham which is abit meh, could do be or worse,
and seen polly on the a19, would have waved but almost went into a transit twice cause of the traffic lol
Fitted the Humpris tarmac spec rear springs and made some custom poly bushes to reduce rear suspension droop to 1'' on the saab 93 rear dampers,
Replaced the 20mm whiteline rear arb and standard front arb (trying to dial out understeer) to whiteline 22mm front and rear
Did a dry run for the crossmember and whole front panel replacement. Basically undid everything is need to. For a 20 year old car, there was no seized bolts (touch wood). Considering this went through an MOT last august, I can only assume the tester was blind, as they somehow missed that the crossmember was more rust than metal. Not like the crossmember supports an engine mount or anything


Also painted the front tow point nice and blaaaaaack
plan for today is to drill out the spotwelds, and bolt the new one on through where the spotwelds were. (Going to eventually get someone to weld it).

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I've ruined my car 🙁
Went to the scrapyard and got some bits including electric mirrors and wiring. That was a pain without taking out the dash. Took the rocker cover off the parts car when I got home then for a look and maybe repainting

Finished fabricating the turbo and downpipe. Keen eyed people who know cg engine layouts will see the downpipe clashes with the alternator. I'm going to raise the alternator up to the position air conditioning equipped engines have them and use a pulley to keep the belt away from the engine mount. when all is done and fitted (hopefully before the track day on the 16th! ) I'll do a blog write up of what I've done.

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I've ruined my car 🙁

Anyone else have any pictures of their cars being battered by the beast from the East? (I'm about as far west in Ireland as you can get without needing a visa for America so it didn't do anything to us)
well on monday i didnt buy this lovely little bugger
142k and the cars still pretty tight, engines spot on , just wants alittle bit of welding , its kinda bad its in better conditon then 4 coil pack k11s ive owned, 40k, 68k, 85k and a 128k ones, and excpt the plastic on the door card less wear, then all of them,
just got to wait for the snow and sort the bit of welding then see what happens


Took her out in the snow before it really set in for the night. Turns out that my local McCarpark wasn't gritted, so I was able to get a healthy 20 box of Mcnuggets, and eat them whole sliding sideways
I finally got round to giving her an oil change yesterday in prep for the cold snap, and she definitely appreciated it. These cars are so great in the snow.

If nothing else, it's the sheer look on people's faces as they see a nuggety little Micra come sliding gracefully around a roundabout.

Also got icicles on the boot trim

What did I do today?
Found out you can snow 'drift' a Micra, and it is damn good fun

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Made it to work in the little turd. Live furthest away out of everyone and people still phones in saying they couldn't make it.

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My little K11 apology for a car is sitting pretty, safely on the drive looking like a turd disguised as an igloo awaiting the thaw. :cool:
Dug out my twenty year old banger K11 disguised as an igloo after four days frozen solid & it started up instantly too my neighbours great surprise who struggled with frozen electric parking brakes stuck on.

With many happy days to come out & about no worries cheap as chips K11 “Bangernomics motoring”.
Happy days long may the old K11s continue? :) :) :)
Got the ol' girl running! I'm so happy. After doing the head gasket, valves, belt, tensioner, water pump, points and plugs. the car started but wouldn't idle for longer than a few seconds. Had some nice weather yesterday to tinker. Swapped the leaky fuel pump which got it going consistently. Idled okay until it got warm and cut out again. Went and got some vac line to replace the split connectors, now she runs like a dream. Glad I did this before fiddling with anything on the carb. need to get it timed up with a light now. It's only taken me three months I'm blaming the weather. Sounds like a tractor too because I haven't replaced the gasket between the Mani and down pipe. Anyone know what the specified gasket it for this?
Well done, that’s a lot of work to save an early K10 with point’s ignition? :)

I prematurely & with hindsight 10 years ago mistakenly sold on my last K10, a 1989 1.2 GS with 160K miles, mostly because I was too Idle to get a rusty door post plus a box section welded under the rear passenger seat. :rolleyes:
This is more of a "What Did I Do To My Micra A Few Days Ago" but hey ho....
Fitted a Super S rear disc axel to my LX to compliment the front AD18v upgrade I did a while back.
Braking is now Level = "Brick Wall" !......