what did you do to your micra today ?


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setting the idle from the idle valve errrr nearly done
Big move frank, is that the engine that can get better mpg ?
fitted a high comp 1.0 engine to mine :grinning:
Ooo have you got any more info on it?? I'm guessing it runs good!

And I've not done anything to mine today, its pretty much had the day off as it's been quite a busy week for it. I did buy a new clean cloth to clean it with though:blush:


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about time we had a thread for this ....nice 1 frank.............been looking and ringing round for a wing for it,(no joy) started spraying some of the grey parts in the car black....
picked up my new gear box and its very shiney and managed to get 109 miles from 15 quid which is good!.... i think mine uses alot of petrol around town but is good on the motorways!

Red Ruby:)

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looked for some new spark plugs today and put some new xenon lights in aswell as got the paint ready for painting the drums :) slowly but surly getting there:blush:
drove 40 odd miles to work and back for a 3 hour shift, received my rear pod lights in the post (thanks pjg1979) and decided I must remember to call the garge to get car in about oil leak as I have left puddles in more spaces at work than I should have!!


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I got a quote for 150£ for fix and paint LS wing and paint drivers door. Not bad I think...

ah, and went to scrappy to get a set of JDM tail lights for one of us :)


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I just came back from work, opened the gate, looked at it, and said to my self "this car is so nice, oh, it's mine btw !" :blush:


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Cheers Frank, I'm aiming to go a bit lower eventually. I love how Martin's Super S sits. Trouble is it scrapes the speedbumps into work now :down:


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Ignored it yet again for what will be coming up to four weeks, if not more. While occasionally thinking i should actually drive it.

Car looks good mark.


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Was replacing the plugs and found them all very black. One even had a bit of oil in the gap between the threads and the part that sparks. Ordered a gasket for the valve cover.

Also was thinking about playing around with the fuel mixture.
tanked it up, effin £50, cleaned it at weekend in and out, tyre black on tyres looked sweet, come monday dinner parked at work was back to being covered in dust and sand :(
Today, I only drove to work and back, but found I don't really need the throttle to cruise with these 16"s on, just keeps on rollin', perpetual motion for the win:laugh:

Also drove past a March Bolero:eek:

fitted a "doctored" dizzy then ragged the baby 1.0 engine to 60 in 2nd :wasntme: no sign of the limiter :eek: (just need to source a tacho now, then i can post a vid up :grinning:)
It's that power/fuel cut at 7.9krpm, or 66mph in 2nd for my box n tyre ratio, that could be a pain. Have you encounted that yet, know a work around?


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It's that power/fuel cut at 7.9krpm, or 66mph in 2nd for my box n tyre ratio, that could be a pain. Have you encounted that yet, know a work around?
mine and my misses,s pre-f/l 1.0,s cut in at 55 mph in 2nd, and i since took mine to 65 tonight but it sounded dreadful lol (no cutout, just valve noise :eek:)
i think i need a louder exhaust :p


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adjusting this idle valve to go down faster almost non existent
idles wobbly from cold start but is soon up to normal behaviour
any harm having it working like this?


also clutch cable was nt right since i got this slx (short driver likes the pedal high,gives a good illusion)
clutch felt like it was always riding itself for no reason? not producing much power transition from engine to driveshaft/wheels
cable was tightend almost all the way and turns out for no reason
slackend off the cable and now can feel the clutch springing into action. intresting to see the mpg now
Did the throttlebody solder thing, after the little scoot started acting up. So far it has worked wonders ! And the new summer tires were delivered today, so now I just got to get a hold on me neighbor, so ve can fit them at his job.... :grinning: