what did you do to your micra today ?

Measuring and working out ,
Going to try and make a form of cube alpha mani but little longer for a dizzy
Or adleast a 4-1 stubby onto the cat

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Fitted nearside track rod end to the k13. The new one is a Moog bought from fleabay, bought two, but the boxes came with broken seals and they look thinner than the originals. I wonder if they are fakes.
Fitted offside track rod end to the K13. Noticed a brake disc pad was not touching the whole disc, rusty where it should have been touching. So will need to service the brakes before the MOT next week. New control arms, tie rod ends, new front tyre, new wipers, new discs and pads, brake fluid flush, should do well in its MOT.
Bloody center brake pipes needed replacing for MOT.

Did a total rebuild of fronts and rears last Summer, the lot .... clearly working too well and the pressure blew the center pipe literally when I arrived at the MOT center! Arghhhh.

Also after 2 years with no welding, corner rear inner sill needed doing.

Mind you, on what car can you do a total rebuild of every front end braking component for under £99? And most of that that came off was ok ish ... most original factory stuff from 95!

New wipers later week, the squeak and drag is driving me mad. Any recommendations for a decent wiper rubber? These been on maybe 2 years and noisy as hell.