The "£50 K11 super s" thread........

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well i have a"MSN buddie" who was selling a 1994 'N' reg 1.3 micra super s on 85,000K for £200. now it needs "something welding at the back but i dunno what" <----- her words, not mine! now someone bought it for £200 but, took it back a couple days later as it "had a dint init" Oo now her MSN name is "####y micra 4 sale, £50" im gonna go have a look at about 8ish n ill post what the proble with the welding could be. but for 50 notes, i think ill buy it anywas, i cant loose on it, either scrap it, or sell of parts for quite a profit (as its a super s and countless people on here are after, seats bumper, spoilers etc, them 3 items there would stand at at least £100) so im gonna ave a look! ohhh and it is taxed a little and has lots of MoT left i did post about this in k11 genral but i see its cleared everyother day so it gone, well im going in a min so ill post back in a couple hours or so!

ohhhhh and if this car ISNT worth fixing, I WILL BREAK IT, please for a orderly que over there -----------> nahh if it isnt, ill breake it but i want intrest first so leave parts after and ill let yas know *** THIS ISNT CONFIRMED BUT IF ENUFF INTESS N WORTH MY WHILE ILL BREAK!***

You need to be an official member to sell on the MSC. Also, if you posted in the other section, there is no need for this duplicate! Please keep discussion to one thread only

Hope the car isn't a shed

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