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Matiz 1994 SuperS a.k.a TommyKaira March R#OST


I've ruined my car 🙁

- full adjustable corsa Leg converted to micra bolt pattern by drilling the topmount
-then converted to longer golf II/III kayaba cartridge. Many work- longer leg, lathed cartridge top nut, lathed upper bearing cup (14mm VW vs 12mm Corsa), shortened upper spring spacer

-Alto springs minus one coil (for better fit with stock micra rubber seat)
-Corsa B/C ahock absorbers

Front is superb- comfy, but still stiff enough for fast driving
Rear is way to soft. Im looking for other springs currenly. Cant fit anyting! All modern springs are barrell-shaped

guys I've found something at scrapyard. Looks like german made aero part for german dielership- never seen soethng like it.. Should I save it? Anyone in UK interrested in rare spoiler? But dunno how's shipping overseas :/

I've seen either mk1 or mk2 Ford focus springs used for the rear (might be different ratings used for hatchback/saloon/estate) and I use saab 93 rear shock absorbers myself, just need the same treatment as corsa rear socks with the bottom bush needing to be trimmed
Hah ,Liam, You're literally 11 hours late- today at work during winter tires change I've find out that focus spring may fit. And the springrates are different fo sure, and thats brilliant- I can adjust stiffness. Hatchback ones should be soft -in heavier focus- so in light micra should be perfect

Thanks Bear, no I dont like stripes, also in GT2 there were Stage II based at Facelift model. I must say I dont like how lift front looks ,but in M13 version -its the best looking micra ever

But -since its unreachable- pre-lift super S front for me ;) I bought this rusty crap beacuse of this :LOL:

some more mods up the way. Currently looking for parts at wreckyards. Also lurking in old-diy-power-tune threads made by frank and others to find best ideas of cheap horsepower