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  • Ah no bother bud keep a look ou for us if ya come across bumpers ye and id b intrested in thos springs wen ur seling them what mm are they and how much would ya b lookn for them sorry abou the questions ha
    Whats up bud any march g# or super s bumpers going around or r u selln any parts eg springs or body parts thanks
    i see must keep me eye ou on the auctions ,i just have a standard micra 1.0 s shes ok but would love 1 like urs ,going 2 chek ur spec list now seen ur rocker cover love it. I was just wondering then could i mayb get a grille of ya to try make me own thats if u have a spair one that is i seen on ur page ur from tallaght im only down the road in knocklyon, i payed 200 for me micra she has a gud few scraches and dints but i love it wen i get the cash i hope 2 get it as fresh as urs (Y)
    ah ri could you send me a link maybe wer i could get some parts what im looking for is the open mouth grille and engine parts have you still got the micra havnt seen it around do ya not ever go ballymount cruz bud ?
    alri bud live in dublin me self can ya tel us wer u got ur parts for ur k iv just bought a k11 1.0s and want it similar 2 urs thanks
    yea i was like look at the wheels on them. your car looks beatiful i wish mine looked that good ha ha ha
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