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SuperS Forged Turbo Build

Low Rider

Low Rider

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Not a lot to report at the moment. Car is taking a bit longer than anticipated for the charge piping. Long story short, the main UK distributor for Vibrant Performance components went into administration the same week the car was dropped off, so we've been waiting for the new legal entity to be formed so that we can put in an order for parts we need to finish the job off. Sod's law saw that our timing there was impeccable :LOL:

I started to get bored and, given we've got another nice weather snap, I decided to order in some carbon fibre sheet and a small selection of permagrit tools, so I could get on a make myself up a nice dash mount for the ECU CAL switches.

Given that this is a race car and I have zero plans to run a cabin heater, I decided to re-purpose the ports. My SuperS center console is not available since it's in the car, so I used my later facelift dash as a working model. Fits perfectly and will enable easy changes to the traction control and map tunes as required plus, there's a spare for anything else I decide to use in the future. Labels will go in the bottom section once I've got some vinyl letting in :)