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Matiz 1994 SuperS a.k.a TommyKaira March R#OST

Hello there!

I made some photos for friend, so I decided to strart a thread. Car was bought for the time of Impreza restoration, but micra needs some work too. She is in bad state thats for sure, but its rideable, I'm using it to get to work when its raining and pick up my girlfreind from work.

as a 200GBP car it looks awesome when I washed it :eek::)

I'll write some more later, have to go

SAM_2291.JPG SAM_2297.JPG SAM_2290.JPG
Is it just that badge that is Tommy Kaira? Car looks good either way I love the m13! Here's some pics of my mates m20b Impreza.


'94 k11 dot 1.0
McGill Motorsport steering wheel
Mountney steering wheel boss kit
Poorly fitted aftermarket backbox (3 inch rolled tip)
Lowered on Kilen springs
Thanks guys, will write some story later, it's spring in full of bloom, everyone want to change their tires, I'm tired as hell after work....

this is a badge only, I like M13 too, but facelift version (stage II) is better imo. This pre-facelift front bumper is a bit scary.... :p
my fav little car in GT2 ;)
some story?

as mentioned, car bought as daily. With no hard feelings for sale to scrapyard... but I failed this allready :p I like it, always liked how K11 looks.
I'll patch it since it will break at two halves :rolleyes: or- I will try...

I've got nice example literally near my house, 10min by bike. But guy sold it before I even checked'em :mad:

(image may be dead in future)

I decided to focus at micras, I fall in love with SuperS front bumper ;) I've found other one 180km from my city, but near my fathers hometown.
Peaceful trip by bus, I knew it will be one-way trip, because it was to hard to find any trasportation back home...

what I see:

Car was "pimped up" for sale. Putty everywhere, they even don't tried to clean up the traces...as you see pics were taken from distance.

checked the main things, I knew it is not a youngtimer material, but I barter the price and enjoyed the trip back home :)
I thought- "I never did something crazy, lets do it now" :cool:

She took about 6.8 l @ 100km. I still think its running rich, gotta check the lambda, but overal it's not bad for 220 000km mileage.

what I've allready done:
-right cv joint
-right tie rod end (destroyed dramaticaly :eek:)
-washed engine to find leaks
-welded the muffler (breaks again, I thing about straightpipe or small,light muffler from other car)
-welded the rusted boot lid near the washer and mounted cracked hatch lip
-repaired hatch opener
-striped interior floor to find out how is the floor. Not good under passengers feet, but overall not that bad as I thought.

-replaced burned rear wiper motor with 2000 one (horizontal mod)
-tailghts replaced with lift ones (clear indicators)
-cheap alloys AEZ C7015 without caps. Looks awesome for me because my dream wheel is Work Meister/SSR Proffesor, lack of classic outer lip is only one disadvantage. 7x15 ,et around 35
-Hankook optimo K406 175/50 tires
-removed speakers, Due the lack of radio I made rally-style switch panel

-bought cheap pre-facelift grille (more square-shaped) and converted it to "open mouth". Also made Tommykaira badges for it.
-front bumper slats removed
-tow hook cover
-RWB style elastic front lip, made from focus mkI lip found in the middle of the road.
-resolded and cleaned throttle body
-changed oil+ filter, will make it again soon (I choosed to do it every 10 000km like in impreza, I don't know how other owners treated the engine...)
-handmade shiftknob similar to Nismo "ghost" knob, made by friend from polyamide (no foto,sorry).
- half-repaired floppy doors. The door hinge is rubbed. Just put spacers under the lower hinge and door anglin back to normal.

its all? i think :p
more to go
The FR lamp wiring problem and not working handbrake fraks me out even more than this hole in floor :D

cheers guys, will try to bump the thread when I repair/mod something
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the rustbucket took us for a trip to Ostrava, Czech Republic, I calculated the fuel consumption and she took... 6.2l/100km

maybe lambda is okay, or its not cheating during road driving...
find out that all engine mounts are ripped out/perished, vibrations at idle must come from there, rather than fuel overflowing, gotta replace them anyway, then I'll see
okay patched this damn floor hole. Not a perfect job ,but I've got some spare time today, looks like the rest of floor is not corroded that much as I thought. Will survive few hits with hammer (but only few!) :D
Sufrace rust only.
BUT this front frame-alike horizontal segments ale bit eaten too.
dunno is it worth patching. I will do a front crosmember first as a warm up.

In worst case I've got a Plan B-
-drive the rustbucket until (instert heavly corroded important frame piece) will break
-retrieve all modded/ replaced parts
-retrieve pre-facelift front
-buy another micra as youngest as possible
-strip everything and roostproof it
-convert it to pre facelift
-PROFIT :cool:

also patched boot-bumpers holes with fresh sheetmetal, because my bootlid was rumbling like hell.


Yeah I'll try, but remember that impreza is waiting too. Good thing is that impreza is not corroded THAT much. Micra will be somewhat training subject, thats nice too

What I like is I dont have to worry about visuals :p micra has to drive.

but in other hand- I'm scared a bit to touch this sill and framing. I mean- even if i cut huge amount of corrodet metal to reach the healthy one, it can thin as f*** :confused:
This inner sill is quite difficult, I've found some phots at last- theres some reinforcments or two layers of metal inside. I have to make some holes first, theres no other way.
Next thing is the whole lenght is INFECTED, I wondereng about doung it partialy, because whole chassis can tilt....

I will push it to later time right now. I've got MOT in december, and micra will not pass thats for sure , headlamps wiring problem, rost as mentioned and those handbrake bearings inside caliper are broken too, you may know this issue guys.

I'll touch the impreza first, I can do micra outside garage during summer days

At the weekend I'll go get the front crossmember. Also started hunt for engine mounts.

oh I forget, this damn deadly can reached 160km/h with no problem :eek::) it is original 1.3, thats for sure

thanks for watching guys, cheers ;)
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bought front crossmember about two weeks ago. Waiting.

today I had to weld the muffler again. The box can be just taken off from pipe- Straight pipe sounds RRRAAArrrrwr mazing, but its too loud, and the fumes were coming inside. I had to cut the pipe to weld it properly. Also added some streightening- theres no brackets in the middle of the car. All weight comes at this muffler backplate -and finaly at the muffler brackets, but all weight hangs at this muffler wall at last, thats why its still braking...

Remus..... should be done a bit better. Previous owners were repairing it too. About 3-5 times :D

teh buckets.JPG
oh hai

started to deal with BIG thing- front crossmember.
also discovered that those noises during decelation were comming from those legendary two screws at engine subframe, washers of course didn't existed...


maybe I'll find something at work. But wondering- if front bolts-in crossmember-are rigid, why those aren't?

anyway, painted the subframe

two new engine mounts, glued with window glue for better durability. All mounts are ripped, but at gearbox mount I'll glue the old one. Dunno how to do with the front one, this square-shaped: should it be loose like that?

Removed crossmember. Those factory point-welds were pain in ***, couldn't even found some of them, because of rost. Surprisingly, even corroded they holds like hell!

lose bolts ow ****.jpg
Hello everyone

no updates because I'm just driving and doing Nothing :( Theres scary sounds from right topmount ,also looks like its end of clutch axle bearing (its getting noisy at NOT pushed clutch pedal)

I even still not fitted the right inner arch cover :p makes me angry because its raining every time I have to drive it...

222 222.JPG

but even if I have two Junks to save, thers another one in need- I'm doing head gasket at our "rally car" :p Fso Polonez. We have charity rally where only Comunist-era cars can take part. Deadline is at 25 sep!

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Thread "joy of welding" inspired me ;)


Someone been here before- the outside sill was welded "as layer" to old one. Without any closed-profile wax... nothing. Its reason why jacking points was rusted so much...

I'm glad that Shock tower is not infected

Here is funny thing- passanger foot basin is lower place of floor. Water make way under the... sound barrer? or whatever it was- it was heavy as hell and loked like asphalt :rolleyes:

GO TO TRASH! its a racecar, floor must be exposed to prevent rost!

my fav :rolleyes: I'll call it "CITY AT NIGHT"


okay- foot basin patching


ditto ,with overview to wishbones mount. Sadly- all is infected. Good thing is that is construction metal, so its quite fat. I'll give this chasiss about 2-5 years until rear axle 'll flew away :D

Black thing is Epoxy primer rost protector (Brunox). Dont like it- everyone saiy its sh**, but it will be better that leaving this bare metal. Its eaten too much to pump money for better de-rusters...


Zinc coated sheetmetal :cool: recycled from fish refrigelator


back end- those "mudflaps" under the bumper all eaten- deleting them. Spare whell basin- not bad, but infected at sheets junctions. I'll Brunox them. Subrame infected, but I'll leave it (putting brunox) and eventually cut-off whole wheel basin with frame longerons like in rally Micras -later at the time.

ufff... thats all, 3 days of work so far. Also brakes in progress. MOT is around 15 DEC.

Fingers crossed ;)
right side floor pan 70% done. about 30cm left, near front jacking point.


Then I'll weld THIS


and it will be the ONLY ONE micra in whole country that can be jacked by its sills!
<maniacal laugh> :cool:


  • DSC04672.JPG
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whats this!?


oh I see...


Replacing the whole arch will be easier than patching the old one. For exterior arch I'll order a repair piece from web.

not dead guys, winter this year was too cold to work in garage...

nothing much touched... well, maybe not that bad

I've working again for... 3-4 days?

undertank area is pain in a*s... Removed the tank and theres much to repair... but its too much to me. Its worthless to touch it, if the real axle mounts will crack, I'll buy a whole real floorpan, and weld it to my body.
Take no prisoners! Its Rustbucket!

found where fuel smell comes from- tank feeder pipe- of course rusted. Patched it.
Removed SwayBar. Got to buy new bushings, old ones will fail at MOT anyway.
Wanted to remove the panhard rod but... screws bloated inside the bushings!. Bushes are doesn't exist in sale of course, so I have to plan it wise before
Everything prepared for adjustable, pipe-type panhard and.... pufff- all efforts gone..

Also big thing- rear calipers alive and kicking. Bought one handbrake cable too. Why are these such expensive?
Painted as Project Bembno

About Project Bembno
Theres funny thing in Imprezas- even non turbo, pre 97 models have 4 disc brakes. NA up to 98 have DRUM brakes in the rear. When I was swaping calipers from 1 pot to 2 pot, I wanted to paint them nice. I'm in love with Project Mu turquoise ,but its such a Rice to paint drums. I've painted front calipers only, but wanted super-duper stickers on them. Rice allert again. Bęben is Drum in polish, mixed it up... and theres where name comes from :p



AND more- :cool:

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test fit




Best weld so far :D this one CAN be CONSIDERED as JOY of welding ;)

no gas in cylinder :( it was Sunday. But spend time for other things-this shorter segment prepared to weld-in. Also prepared stencil for this flat sheet above sill curve.

Today I was hired for instaling a hitch for our, mentioned lately, Rally Car :cool: So I've got to finish this right side at last tomorow!

right side finished!



"o may gaah"



this one were tough- theres a junction of metal under the rear seats. Axle mount is connected to the floor pan here. I was frightened about body twisting when I cut this piece. Patched it slowly one-by-one.

What you see here is inside of rear longeron, axle mount is 10cm futher

axle mount.gif


in progress


finished :)

Gruz (rubble) is half-abusive, half-comical term for worn out daily driven cars, especialy amongs "tuning" guys :p

left side kills me, especialy front lower inner arch/ wishbone mount, but much of dirty work is done.



battery relocation anyone?


if you know what that mean :cool:
Sup! Stuck again- my father took the welding machine :mad:

Left side fender bar finished. Also cut the pipes for right side yesterday.


Some metal left so i decided to start with the Srtut tower brace


I've put first layer of filler at right side and now wainting for welding machine... :rolleyes:


first idea:


Easy. Planned before.
Then, my Dad walked in:

"why dont you flip it verticaly"

Thanks dad. Pipe is allready cut...

But It will be easier to build airbox for it... :rolleyes:
hello guys, long time no see

Theres couple of other things that I need to finish. Rustbucket is alive and kicking, thats most important. I also dropped some of mods due cold, autumn wheather- didn't finished the strut bar, also there were an fiasco of Matiz Setup. Car stands the same as at current springs. Looks like theres Lowering H&R's all arroud :confused:

Dunno what to do. Also stock matiz springs seems to be very soft... or dampers are worn out. Hard to tell. looks like I have to redrill the right one to and fit them both to chceck. I wanted to avoid cutting springs, especialy these H&Rs :(

got some parts from nissanzone friend car- Stock fuel cap, hood opener cable, front left fender (color correct,not fitted yet) and topmounts for matiz setup.

Also stolen the mark's DR30 Skyline- inspired stickers, because he sold his car, wich makes me really sad

sup guys, some progress done




last repair of stock exhaust before 4-2-1

adjustable panhard- 90% done

fender repair, VW blinker conversion, bumper repair. In the rear- Alto springs witch corsa schock for testing.



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Massive kudos for carrying out the repair work mate, most people would have scrapped that but credit to you for putting/increasing your skills and doing it.

Swift seats look cool too.
Thanks guys, yea that was great pracitice, also you can see by your own eyes why bodywork jobs are so expensive ...

Storm, do I understand correctly- you asking how engines is going? Well, it consumes or drips huge amout of oil. Thats weird thing because Micra doesnt smokes from exhaust!.... Valve oil seals are rock-hard for sure- I saw some oil inside after manifold removal.
If there wasn't Engine Overhaul ever done in this engine- its the perfect example of K11 indestructibility o_O

In other hand- it accelerates like hell. I bet she's doing 0-60 under 10 seconds. Yeasterdeay I've hit 180km/h, smoked out 2017 Mini at the highway corner :oops: (but shhhh!) She's a bit too fast for me. Maybe she has amateur rally past behind... Gearbox is from 1.0 or race cams are fitted, hard to say, hard to find out.

Some other mods done after last update. Suspension fitted for testing, Panhard, Changed Coolant fluid etc.

Important note- sport shocks from Corsa B coilover kit doest reach the shock tower mount (with suzuki alto springs)
Stock/ normal shocks are 3-6cm longer and reaches the tower with no problem.

Looks like I've got to bump our lowering thread...




Stock front, Alto springs rear. Based at H&R drop it should be around -40cm
Okay- still not sure about setup. Front is too low or rear is too high. It looks okay with my Girl and Daughter sitting at rear seats... but only from right side! At left side the wheel arch is still stock and wheel gap is much bigger. The right one is welded new during bodywork, and looks like its fitted a bit lower.... or body is croocked after these years with two different springs... :rolleyes:

Corsa topmount with studs relocation

Corsa leg with brake cable and ABS cable hanger attached

Rustbucket with Corsa Front Adjustable coilovers + Alto Rear (minus 1 coil- Bottom coil) with Stock Corsa Shocks


final version of rally switch panel. Waiting for re-stock of these switches- I've bought last two. Also, due my problems with key ignition I'll convert it to Civic Ufo starter button.

up 12 (2).JPG

Winter setup dont have to be boring!

up 12 (1).JPG

16" is officialy too much for K11

up 12 (3).JPG

always wondering, K11 are not a most-enthusiast-owned car, do these ladies think "oh ,another Micra- I'll park next to it" :p


big request - does anyone knows what wing is this? I wrote to Aaron but he didn't answered :(

aaron leavy micra 2 - Kopia.jpg
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Okay, finally finished front Corsa coilover mod. Now its running Golf II/III shock absorber cartridge. Its much longer ,many modifications has to be done, also I've had to put helper springs because new shock has 10cm longer travel

Now these are immortal, because such a popular thing like VW will be supplied with parts forever ;)

also replaced "sport" rear Corsa shocks with "normal" ones. Sports didn't had any negative travel. Now its about 10-15cm

Okay, finally finished front Corsa coilover mod. Now its running Golf II/III shock absorber cartridge. Its much longer ,many modifications has to be done, also I've had to put helper springs because new shock has 10cm longer travel

View attachment 62698
Now these are immortal, because such a popular thing like VW will be supplied with parts forever ;)

also replaced "sport" rear Corsa shocks with "normal" ones. Sports didn't had any negative travel. Now its about 10-15cm

View attachment 62699

do you have a write up of your currect setup ? i'm also looking for coilovers for my micra mk11 :)

- full adjustable corsa Leg converted to micra bolt pattern by drilling the topmount
-then converted to longer golf II/III kayaba cartridge. Many work- longer leg, lathed cartridge top nut, lathed upper bearing cup (14mm VW vs 12mm Corsa), shortened upper spring spacer

-Alto springs minus one coil (for better fit with stock micra rubber seat)
-Corsa B/C ahock absorbers

Front is superb- comfy, but still stiff enough for fast driving
Rear is way to soft. Im looking for other springs currenly. Cant fit anyting! All modern springs are barrell-shaped

guys I've found something at scrapyard. Looks like german made aero part for german dielership- never seen soethng like it.. Should I save it? Anyone in UK interrested in rare spoiler? But dunno how's shipping overseas :/