White K11 SLX Parts, Everything must go.


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So I thought I'd post a new thread as the K11 is completely stripped down and everything broken/the shell has gone now. It was a 1993, L reg, white SLX, I have all the parts apart from (off the top of my head)...

Broken or Already Sold
Boot Handle
Engine & Gearbox
Passenger Side Wing
Clocks/Dials & surround
Passenger side headlight
Bonnet, Front Bumper & Grille
Electric window motors (not handles/armrests!)

Apart from that I think everything is good, the SLX was one of the top models in it's day so it has things like colour coded bumpers (of which one is left), OEM rear speakers, and more. I also have 5 decent steelies with tyres, all the doors etc, so if you want something just reply to this thread or PM me and I'll double-check that I still have it. I'm getting tired of having to maneuver around it in my driveway, so it's all got to go, and anything that doesn't get sold will end up in a scrapyard where it'll inevitably cost you more!

Thanks guys!