what wheels fit on a micra

Whats the biggest size wheels that will fit on a micra without any cutting away at the arches, when the car is unlowered?

For example, a set of 16's riding on 195/45's, will these be too big?


As Mr. Bling has said this has been covered loads of times however i found this for you:

Anything of 13" 14" or 15" (bearing in mind if you have pulsar brakes some 14's wont fit and no 13"'s will fit)

4x100 PCD (pitch circle diameter) ET 15 to ET 45 offset (depending on wheel style and size)

Wheels from
Vauxhall corsa, nova, astra (4 stud) kadett, calibra 8V,
Vw Golf mk 1-3, Polo, Lupo,
Nissan Pulsar / sunny / almera 4 stud. primera 4stud, 180sx S13 4 stud.
Toyota Starlet, AE86 hachiroku, Celica, Mr2 4 stud,
Mazda 323, 626 4 stud, Mx-5 (modification needed to centre bore), mx-3 4 stud,
Honda Civic, Accord 4 stud, Integra, Jazz.

99% of all cars with 4x100 wheel fitment wil have wheels that fit the micra. its all about choice.

thanks goes to club member Antony for this information.

would just just like to add always check before buying! made this mistake twice myself!
Thanks for the info, really useful

I'm surprised that Golf and Astra wheels fit on Micras to be honest, but I guess that makes finding wheels easier, there's always loads for sale on the Golf GTI forums.

Just a quick question about wheels, the PCD of 4x100 is to do with how far apart the nuts are and how many of them there are, what is the centre hole on the wheel referred to as and how is it measured? For example, one of my friends has a Clio with 4x100 PCD, however the centre of some wheels he tried to put on were too small...


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Its described as the 'centre bore' , and varies quite a bit on vehicles. You can use adapters, spigot rings I think there called (correct me if im wrong :D). Cant remember what the centre bore of a micra is myself but im sure you'll find something by using the search button.