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  • hey darryl have you still got those headlights for your k11 if so ill have em off you as i want to do it with moine but if i can get a set already done it would be great

    let me know

    have you still got your headlights for your micra if yes ill give you 30 for them because i want the tinted part without having to do them myself

    hope to hear from you

    here darryl you dont know whether our micras have a catalytic convertor on them or not because i want to get a janspeed full system with manifold wot dya reckon on that idea matey
    yeah ill bring one wen i get to esso ill remove my lights so all you got to do is remove yours and slot mine in and vice versa lol ive already had the terrential downpour ive just been out there with my leather getting rid of all the water of me car
    ok then 10 it is well fit the lights then off we go should only take us bout hour and ten so its better then means well be gettin there a bit more on schedule c u in da morning dan ive made my car look good as alan arnold is coming armed with his camera to take pics for his website
    yeah i know cant wait to get the lights of you then it will be a case of start under the bonnet what would you recommend or hows bout a backbox from janspeed coz we get discounts now from the companies that are at the home screen ive used it already for my bulbs for my headlights ive got phillips cool blue ones and the good thing is that if you spend over 15 quid you get the matching sidelights free so its a win win situation
    did you get my last message if yes wot do you think and if you look on my profile you will be able to see a pic of the grill i got of richie you must admit it looks the nuts and plus ive put the number plate lower a bit c u sunday dan
    by the satnav it should only take an hour and 2 mins from rv point which aint too bad and plus its a sunday isnt it and like you said it wont take long to fit the lights so we might aswell meet up at the time we said fit the lights and then take our time heading down to noddies house
    if u want mate we could kill a bit of time at the rv point and fit the lights there and then if you want coz noddie said to me if we can get to his for more nearer 11.30 so it sounds like a good idea dosent it
    hey darryl did you get my last msg and is your mate coming in his micra if yes wots the spec on it alan is coming in his glanza and noddie's in his gf's car coz his is off the road @ mo. finished t-cutting my car transformed it it has just waiting for grill and ill be gettin the lights off you on sunday so all good
    hey darryl noddie (ed) said there should be room for possibly three micras outside his wen we go down on sunday so thats alrit just to let you know.

    c u at 9.30 at the esso garage it not the very first exit after the bridge but the one after its gonna b a gd day
    im gettin richies grill off his actual car ill take the mesh out then its basically im going to colour all the panels that i can inside black and the good thing bout the grill is that it is white already so no painting apart from the neatening up hes doing for me and maybe the speedo will get better with time
    ah i dont know why that has happened then maybe i need my speedo calibrating i should be recieveing my grill tomora which is gonna look mad and while im waiting for you nxt weekend ill fill up with petrol if i need it ill look forward to meeting you nex is gonna b dan there with his march cabrio
    a quick question did you find ur speedo went a bit lazy after you put the 15inch wheels on if yes what did you do to correct it hope you can help dan ps did you get my email of my car with the wheels on
    you must be on a healthy wage then and a quick question when you moved ur number plate to the bottom do you still have the recess for the number plate at the top coz im thinking off moving mine to where u have urs
    just recieved my wheels they look crazy and they are not even on the car yet but wen they are it will accompany the grill and lights nicely where do you work to be in a lab or shall i say who do you work for c u at 9.30 on the 28th dan
    hey mate r u sure bout that fone numba of urs coz i tried sending u a msg to c if it worked but it kept saying error u aint given me one digit thats wrong have ya
    the wheels im gettin are wolfraces for 320 and they are 5 spoke aswell ur numba is on my fone now
    ok then whats ur number so i can get hold of you its gonna be good i tell you tinted rear lights open mouth grill im getting that off ritchie all primered ready for spraying and wot with my wheels im getting its gonna look the nuts
    Did you want to meet at say half 9 instead so we dont have to rush as much to get to noddies i have a sat-nav now so we can get there easier aswell
    ive changed the direction im going in the way of wheels im getting some wolfrace 15inch wheels from ebay they are 5 spoke and look the nuts and u would be able to see the calipers and drum easier aswell im t-cutting the entire car this week which will give it a fresh look
    im thinking of open mouthing my grill but making it so it goes all the way to the bonnet how rad is that gonna look especially with a mesh wen i get around 2 do it c u the 28th can we say 9.30 to meet instead so we can get to eds house and spend a bit longer there and it means we wont have to rush as much then
    ill send ya an email of the wheels i can get ur email off ur profile and send it via that and when i get the tail lights it will be the icing on the cake
    i would love to open mouth my grill so it looks better in the long run im getting my wheels nxt week so i should have them for brighton on the 28th and im changing the bulbs to blue headlight bulbs so they match my numberplate bulbs
    ive looked on it and its pretty impressive i thought that open mouthing the grill was more complicated than that and i might take the badge off the back just to smooth it off totally and colour coding the inside was a good idea
    could you organise a pic of the lights and email me on dannyboi104@hotmail.co.uk or send a picture message of them to me on 07933687018
    ok then if u say so and plus it will give me sumthing toblook forward to aswell we are having a quick cuppa at eds then shooting down the marina to meet the others did you get the money ok that i sent you
    oh yeah is he a micra owner or fan himself if he is he wont get bored it will still be a good day and at least im getting some tinted taillights for my motor so its even better can u post them to me coz then ill have them on for the day coz i cannot w8 any longer do it via standard delivery
    we are popping in to ed's (noddie) for a cuppa before we meet the others he txted me he lives in hollingbury so we have to go past his door anyway so he invited us

    hope u dont mind

    yeah tell me bout it i have to get hold of alloys and give my car a flipping good clean by then get rid of the marks where the bumpstrips were we could park next to each other down at the marina oh yeah ive also got blue bulbs to put in my headlights
    if you want u could post the lights to me or like u said give them to me on the day infact do the last option they wont get damaged that way just pull up and off we go will it be ur 1st meet coz it will be mine
    i got ur email from ur contact info on your user area nice one ill look forward to recieving them also do u think i should take my seat covers off my seats for the meet

    c u at esso bout 10ish on the 28th

    ok then give me your email and ill send you the cash coz they will look awesome on my micra
    how do i secure them via paypal coz ill deffo have them off you its got to be done espically as i have a white micra with black bumpers the only thing that looks differant is no bumpstrips on the doors
    when u get over the bridge come off at dartford or shall i say 2nd exit and there should be a esso garage ill meet u there as it is easier and its the only place to stop before the nxt place which is at clackett lane
    if you do have some black rear lights bring them and ill have them off you at a price obviously. Ill be getting my wheels soon they are ripspeed machine faced with black accents it will transform my car c u on the 28th dan
    yeah i know u have to pay the robbing council we own small cars for christs sake it should be free u dont have any parts or that for sale do ya my number plate is N295 TOP so u know what to look for and its a white micra(Y)
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