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  • sup man. cheers for the digs on my car (hope it wasn't sarcastic :p) i get a lot of stick for my car from people saying "yea, but its still a micra" :( so sad lol. i spose you drive a honda because of your avatar? :p
    cheers for the kind words on ma car, maybe see u round leeds as im down there every couple of weeks n see u aint far from there
    right done that but when i click on edit avatar it comes up and says, do not use avatar and the box is ticked, i cant undo it, and it just says save changes or reset field theres no upload for a pic or anything cheers.
    cheers mate ive managed to upload pictures of my car on my blog, but cant change my avatar, ive clicked on forum, but cant find the forum options and avatar cheers .
    hi manny could you tell me how to change my avatar, ive only just joined and dont know what to do its really confusing haha, and also i cant upload picture by the attachment part on my blog thanks corey
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