Turbo Build Update with Pics -----------------------

Ok, been a while since my last info on my current build! been real busy i.e. family life etc, ok so pictures below as added is what ive done and all needed now is to fit the ECU (NIStune which is currently getting done), my injectors with its modified Fuel Rail and the Walbro 255L Fuel Pump!! Also need to clean and paint the 100nx Calipers to go on the car... then a nice rolling road should put the cherry on the cake!


Cheers guys, yeah a meet would be great!! just need to finalise bits here and there, the fuel pump isnt fitted as i need to get a fuel pump bracket and work on fitting the pump in that rather me taking my pump and bracket apart, rather leave as one piece... turboing is easy to say but to put it together and sourcing parts is a nightmare, as you can see my biggest problem i encountered the most was the Audi TT intercooler at the front and having to find a " S " shape pipe to clear the front bonnet catch, Also you can see that a grinder was used to grind away the corners of the bonnet catch in order to clear the " S " shape bend pipe! the " S " shape pipe is from a Range Rover Discovery TD05, it isnt sillicone but this pipe was for testing purposes to see if it does what i want it to do and fit, now i will be looking to change to sillicone (blue) and was spot on for what i needed.

Then came other task of the pipe to clear in- between the top radiator hose and the breather pipe on the rocker cover, so i had to cut the top radiator hose approx an inch forward and the breater hose aswell so i can make a gap for the pipe to sit through!

As you can see in the first picture the pipe thats in between the distributor and the top radiator hose fits snuggly. Already made up th AFM cable and plug, need to extend the fuel pipes to go to the new fuel rail aswell...... was thinking of fitting the fuel pump in the enginebay and taking the fuel pump out of the tank altogether and fit a fuel pipe with a mesh strainer...



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you would probably need a lift pump to feed a fuelpump in the engine bay J, and it might overheat too !
Afew updates on the NIStune and Injectors side which i just got back from ED at Fusion Motorsport!!! Pictures of ECU inside casing,

Now need to still get this damn fuel pump bracket to fit the Walbro 255l pump and throw everything on, adjust the actuator to 8psi and drive like a granny to Ed`s workshop at an arranged date for the finalisation....

any updates on your turbo build? I need to see any turbo micras in london after i start mine.
Hahaaaaaa, slooow process, been bloody busy! Ive fitted the fuel pump as said a loong while back and drove the car around to see if the pump was reliable etc and not giving any troubles!! Been good so far!! Oh and i fitted longer new fuel pipes to fit around the new injector rail cos the old pipes wouldnt reach so thats in place... Untill i get the modified fuel rail in....

Ill be fitting the Turbosmart Manual Boost Controller this weekend hopefully in the engine bay near the turbo and adjust that to 7-psi to be on the safe side, then get the ignition timing done to standard settings.... And then get to fit the injectos and ecu and see how it drives from there with the base map!! Luckily i have a company car to drive around in so i get more chance to finalise the micra, cos the micra was an every day car and i couldnt afford to mess something up thats another reason for me taking time... Now its full steam ahead...

will need to call Ed at Fusion to arrange a slot for a rolling road session .... And then sorted...

I will update more with pictures soon of the engine bay and interior mods etc...

Ok, that is good hear this man. It's good thing that you took so much time to build this turbo nicely. Cant mess or rush around in short time you know. Can't wait to see pictures and updates later on.

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