Micra 1l turbo build

Right guys the time is here to start and talk turbo!

I'm picking up most of my parts tomorrow -

1.5 injectors and fuel rail
Few intercooler pipes
Fuel pump

My friend who will be doing the build has done a few turbo conversion builds so should be more than capable to do the conversion.

Got a couple of questions

First of all is ecu -

We where going to run a emannage blue as this is what kean has used on other turbo builds but been told to just run a 1.3 ecu can anyone shed any light on this for me


What do people do to reduce compression is it the usual double head gasket jobie or is there alternative I think I herd someone say something about 1.3 parts to reduce compression.

Also any other advice would be great

Sorry if I'm asking questions that have already been asked just I'm dyslexic so find it hard and don't take anything in when I'm reading through loads of threads

Thank you for any help


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another +t build at last :)
1.3 pistons will drop the c/r too much, most of us run stock c/r
and a fuelpump upgrade is pointless imo
Quick update it's now guna be a 1.3 turbo engine is going to be here on Monday

Just allows us to build the kit off the car on the engine stand and swap it all over