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Spanish Super S

Hi! I'm Jordi and I have a red '95 Micra Super S since last August. I'm 33 and father of two boys (one 2 years old and the other one... 1 month) and I've buyed a Micra in order to learn auto mechanics, improve my driving skills and have fun on trackdays.

Last holidays I pick a train at 8 a.m. to Barcelona, almost 30kms from my home. After some bureaucracy and a few € less in my account I had the Micra at my home.

As you can see it needs some body work:

It had a lot of stickers:

I have the original 13' wheels and this 14' ones. I'm painting the original ones in white and want to sell these:

It has many red thingies on the interior. It has some air difusser are broken and it has no stereo. The seats are worn-out and have some holes. There is a lot of work here too :)

It is full equiped, it only lacks the rear disc brakes and ABS. You can see the 50kms that I did from the place were where the car to my home (the partial counter was set to 0 when I purchase the car :)

The guy installed a fake antenna that leaved a hole in the roof :-S

The engine bay:

I'll post my "de-tuning" process (removing stickers, etc.)... see you!
Hi again, I'll show you how I removed the stickers. It was with 96º alcohol, a piece of plastic (as an spatula) and a plastic bag (for throwing the garbage).

A few minutes later came my uncle and give me a heat gun and paint thinner, that worked like a charm.

Here you can see the process:

The rear and side windows without stickers (a bulldozer, flames and chinese symbols)

The other side:

It will continue...
I removed tinted windows (will post pictures soon) and now I'm painting the original 13'' wheels in white in order to replace the 14'' ones.

With the car almost stock i'll make a basic maintaince (chaning motor oil, gearbox oil, brake and cooling liquids). Then i'll enter on a trackday and will look for the parts that it would be better to change (i think it will be wheels, brakes and suspension). I'm not in hurry and I don't have enought money to make all the changes at a one time so i will go step by step :)


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If you want a picture of a red Super S (when the car was first presented in 1992) :

I like clean stock car like you :)


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the wheels you have on the car are realy the tops!
like the bulldozer removal and wouldnt it suit in hot land TINTS?


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The rear and side windows without stickers (a bulldozer, flames and chinese symbols)

Re-reading this, I laughed hard. Seriously, some people are not afraid of NOTHING. Bulldozer + flames + chinese signs. LOL. :laugh: Good job removing those.
Hi again! I'm doing some mods but I prefer to post before some previous work that I've made on my Micra.

I removed the "tuning" mudguards (anyone knows where I can buy the original ones?) and the tinted windows:

It was some weeks ago, when sun was still shining so I let the car under the sun for some minutes and I could remove the "plastic" easily.

Days later I washed the engine bay. As I bought it:

Protecting some parts:

The result:

Without the plastic bags:

Hi again!

I've already changed the 4 wheels. I put some pictures of the wheel archs in case that you notice something strange (as you noticed with my rear bumper)

Front left:

Front right:

Rear left:

Rear right:

And a picture of the final result, mad max style:

Now I'm runing on a 155/70/13 Michelin Energy in the front axel and Voyager on the rear one... the wheels spin so easy now.

The next step is resoldering the throttle body (it's consumption is about 12l./100kms, throws white smoke and it rattles a little), change all liquids and filters and then enter to a trackday (on March).


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Please take pictures of the TB resoldering capix ;)
Keep up the good work !
Hi again! I'm about to pick my Micra from the garage after a very full (and long, almost 6 month) service check.

I've read that Micra's couldn't have electric windows, power steering and air conditioning at the same time, is it true? I have electric windows and power steering for sure and the previous owner of the Micra said that the AC gas was empty so I can't be sure if it's true or if I don't really have AC (but I have the button on the console).

Can anybody told me looking at the pictures of my engine bay? Where do I have to look?

Many thanks!
Hi again. I have the Micra now, the service at the garage has costed me almost the same that buying the Micra :-S Moreover I think that I still need the TB resoldering... I gave the instructions to the garage but they haven't done anything about it (they aren't expert at electronics).

Next week I will check for the compsunsion, idle, white smoke and os on.


Once I win the Euromillions...
Resoldering is pretty easy, man.

Do you not want to give it a go yourself?
There's an excellent guide out there...
Finally I didn't need to resolder the throttle body :)

Take a look at I had got today:


Making a guess:


I will fit these after going to the track and finishing my installed tyres.
After some weeks very inactive finally I entered on a track day last 15th of July on "Circuit de Catalunya" where the F1 is ran. The car is completily stock and I entered with street (and bad) tyres on 155/70/13.... otherwise I had a very very good timel!!!

I went off the track a couple of times. First on the chicane after seeing a Ferrari sliding. Some laps after I went off the track again on a curve that is very difficult for me. I see that I was going to hit the protections so I break hard and the gravel made its work ;-)

Here you have the video of the track day, sorry for the quality but it's a very bad camera (it costs me 50€, i'm thinking on using it for recording outside the car and buying a better one for the inside recording). I have to overlay the data from the season that I record with Trackmaster but I need a Windows and I don't have anyone at home :p If somebody knows a program for Mac or Linux...

I accept constructive critics! My best lap is 2:53.816 and I drove constantly between 2:53 and 2:56. I wasn't breaking hard because I didn't wanted to loose them on the middle of the track day. Moreover it was my first time to that track after enteing 10 years ago to another track with my ex-Mr2.


5:53 Fastest Lap (2m53s816, 143'15km/h max speed, 97'5km/h average speed)
13:30 Ferrari 348TS getting off the track
14:15 Loosing control on a chicane
25:35 Getting off the track

And a pair of pictures:




I want to change the wheels this summer with the 15'' that I bought half year ago :p So I can't put wider tyres (I'm thinking on a semi-slicks after destroying the mounted tyres) and when I have to change the brakes I can put an Alemra GTI ones ;)

Yesterday I unmonted the steel rims and mounted the alloy ones. Also painted the drumbs black and removed the frond mudguards.

This drum was machine-sanded and then I sprayed a pair of anti-caloric black paint.

This drumb wasn't sanded because it was very difficult. If it goes wrong I'll sand it and paint again. Nevertheless I don't think that it will be very visible with the alloys on.

The wider wheels plus more offset makes the wheels outer thant he previous one, but inside the chasis so I don't think that I'll have troubles with the spanish MOT.

The worse is that the rims are different size, i've put the 195/50/15 on the back and the 195/45/15 on the front because I prefer to have the front slightly down than slightly up.

After hollidays I want to enter to a trackday again and after that I will put on shocks+springs because now it looks like a paris-dakar car xD


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Great experience isn't? I've done it too (on a wet track) and I had more fun with the Micra than doing some laps in a slow heavy Porsche a few months earlier

The gravels are working well for stopping cars as you noticved, but it can also reverse your car upside down if you're coming too fast, so better not rely on them too much :p

About cameras I advise you to buy that kind of camera:

Here some samples:
www.youtu.be/0-QqKhEB5k8?hd=1 (select 720p to watch it in HD)

They are light, can fix everywhere with velcro and battery can shot about 50min in 1080P. Seller is fast (1week) and very nice. I think you could keep your old camera to record yourself driving inside the car, and that kind of wide angle camera to record the track. Only downside is that they don't have a screen, so you have to set your point of view before the track day to be sure you will capture the whole scene correctly.

In my video I'm recording the track with that camera: http://cgi.ebay.fr/New-record-Key-C...tal_Video_Recorders_Cards&hash=item230e52dab8 wich is an older and cheaper model, at first I planed to use it to record myself driving, but since it was raining a lot I fixed it on the bumper instead of the 1080P (More expensive so I didn't wanted to waste it with the water).
Seb_ many thanks for your answer, i didn't notice it :( I know the downside of gravel, i just tried to arrive at it with the car straight and at lower speed as possible xD Thanks for the advise of the videocamera but I lost my job and now i'm freelance so at the moment I have more time than money. This means that I'm not going to more trackdays until I get more clients but I have more time for working at my car.
I have been "smoothing" the car (removing thinks like decals, badges, antenna...what is the name for this???)
First I removed the Nissan badge and Micra and Super S decals from the back. It cost me a lot because it was very sticky. I used a heat gun and an special solvent. What it works better was firs heating the zone, then soak a cloth with the solver and scrub very hard to spread the glue and then removing it with another wet cloth.

Then I removed the lock and the wiper... the hardest thing with tha lock was removing a bar that went from the lock to the "bolt". It remained inside the bodywork, so I have to remove the "bolt" and move it as I could (i don't know why but it is connected with a wiring) in order to remove the bar and not to have it half-lost and making noise.
The wiper wasn't so difficult, just removing the nuts and pull hard to disatach it from the wipe engine.
It was my first time with filler and I'm not very handy so I had no idea about what I had to do for the filler not to go through the holes. So I used what I had near (adhsive tape) for covering the holes from inside the car:


The lock from inside:

The wiper and logo holes:

There are the holes that I got after removing the Nissan badge and wiper with the filler... it was my first time doing it, don't be very rude xD

The lock hole filled, it got smoother...

Also removed the side bumpers, one was very easy to remove and only left some glue on the body:

Removing the other one was a drama, it costed me a lot and I have to put the heater gan so near to the body that the painting melted. At the end I had to pull very strongly and a lot of painting went off:

It looks like the door was repaired and filled, sticking the bumpers with a very strong glue.
One side looks quite good after removing the glue and the sticker.


I still have to work with the other side, I think that I will use a polisher...
And now the antenna's holes. You can see also the rails after removing that plastic trails on the roof. It was full of ####, but later I wash it with pressure water and despite it's more cleaned it still some #### incrusted.
The real antenna hole:

The fake antenna hole:

Advices are wellcome!!
Some pictures stripping the interior. I began with the roof because the previous owner made a hole on it to mount the fake antenna.


I've alse taken off all the handles and installed again the light and the sun visors (you know, the sunny spain).


I'm not sure about keeping or not the sun visors. Maybe I need them on a track day.


The boot:



There are two "losed" wires, one of them is for the stereo but the other is "attached" to the body, anybody knows why?


All the garbage and my father's Terrano II:



to turbo or new lump :/ hmmm
4 pin plug is for parcel shelf speakers and i think the other is for yhe interior boot light :) looks good coming along well


to turbo or new lump :/ hmmm
Ive had a look at plugs for this and i only find a speaker plug an boot light plug and one with a relay on it not sure what the relay is for ill upload pics later
Hey Capix, could you weight all the stuff you removed to have an idea?

All that stuff weights 10,2kgs (22 pounds) more or less (the scale is a little bit imprecise). It's
- boot carpet
- boot plastic
- boot wood that protected the spare wheel
- rear deck
- interior roof carpet
- roof plastic rails
- roof lock
- rear wiper system (arm, motor, etc.)
- antenna
- side bumpers

BTW Yesterday I removed the passenger's door panel and speaker, it weight's a lot! (2,2kgs - 4,85 pounds) and it hat a kind of plastic for sound deaning full of glue:


A lot of glue:


I also found a metal piece lost inside the door, what piece is it?


Finally the speakers, are these the standarsds one?