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  • I was asked when I'd finish my K11 project... I said: Probably when you burry me, ha-ha
    Once I win the Euromillions, EVERYONE on here gets a thousand Euro voucher to spend on his/her Micra plus a fridge with beer to cheer up :)
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    Xa xa iakata rabota, uspeh! X)
    Hey man! Ufff its been 5 hard month for me :D Everything is OK now. How about u? Ive been some kindda.....lost in those 5 month. Some "love" problems lol :D Now im single and happy again :D The girl i knew back 5 month ago took all my time and i didnt even have time for my friends nor the forum lol. Sick and im happy im through with her :D
    Baia sa skapari pri vas zna4i 4ove4e, 4isto novi ima za pod 30 evro bratle XD
    Ina4e mersi za informaciata, i vse pak ako izeze ne6to evtino svirkai (Y)
    Оги, няма проблем, само да ти намеря. 30 евро е най-евтиното, което съм виждал досега за дефлектори :wow:, за толкова взех тези на Калин. Пращането да е към 10-15 евро, най-много, те са леки, но опаковката трябва да е добра. Пиши ми на Скайп. Там най-лесно ще се намерим
    Zdr Pepo, kvo stava kak e havata?
    Foruma ne pozvoliava da ti pi6a na pravilnata stranica zatova tuk 6te te zapitam.
    Za kakvi pari moje6 da izrovi6 originalni nisanski "wind deflector"i za moita K11ka? I kolko 6ti struva da mi gi prati6 ako ima takava vazmojnost vob6te.
    Hi Peposhi, the light pods themselves only have indicators and side/brake lights, I am also including a seperate Reverse & Fog Lights from Ring.



    I've only marked it gone as the car isn't whole anymore, will be going this weekend. Which rods do you require?
    Yo Pep
    I've well received the parcel !
    Thank you very much ! I pay you via paypal this weekedn ;) also I have to empty my stored PM folder as I can not send PMs anymore!
    throttle body
    Say £50ono posted? ive driven the car and throttle body is in perfect working order,

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