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  • found near side front head light connector burnt with a bulb base burnt too. bit of wire is burnt with it no electric shorts yet but a bit worried. anyone know possible cause of it??
    Common fault buddy - overheated.
    Repair with a porcelain one off ebay - no more trouble....easy fix.
    hey mate, sorry havnt had the chance to pop by, but just thought Id say I think I may have actually met you already lol Do you remember about 3-4weeks back Some BT engineers coming down to work on the pole O/S your garage?

    Anyways should deffo meet..perhaps go to a car meet sometime that is if your into that sort of thing?

    Thanks for the reply,is your car a 1.3?If so the ECU you have is no good for my 1.0 litre shell sadly.But let me know..
    I just did a search for a local ECU doctor,found a very close one so I might try him & sweeten him up with some spare units out of our scrap cars..
    What ####es me off with all this is that I've got another working pre nats shell I've been playing with but I've just done a bit too much work on the dark red one to bail out now.Cost me £300 to store the piece of #### for the winter!
    Good luck with the Dot :)
    Hey mate, I have an SR myself and had the same problems as you regarding the ECU. I assumed a simple swap and my car would be up and running but nope, nothing! so I ordered an ECU from Ed which bypasses the built in immobiliser. Problem is, ive bought another car and no longer require it so its up for grabs. I paid £150 for it a few days ago and it hasnt been used.

    If you fancy giving me an offer then im willing to sell it as its no longer a requirement since the purchase of my 1994 Dot... non nats haha

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