battery reloaction


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im thinking of relocating the battery to the boot area to free some room up front in the already cramped engine bay, i think Baz has done this? just wondering what tips people have and recommendations on doing this, especially with wiring and wire grades?


use 4gauge or thicker. make sure you run a neg wire to the shell, and another one to the front of the car as the body can be quite resistive.


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When i done it i got an extra standard engine earth/battery cable. Cut off the original one at the point where its bolted into the chassis under the battery tray then used the new one in the boot. Another tip make sure the battery is properly bolted in because i got a sore neck from not doing this. No it never hit me it shorted the car when i had the foot down throwing me forward then straight back


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i,ve mounted my red car,s battery on the passenger floor, against the transmission tunnel, i just needed to extend the leads with a 2nd battery lead
it keeps the weight over the driven wheels, nice and low and central :cool:


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i ran a live from the standard live under the bonnet, then into the car to the rear.

i did what stani said about his earth (used a standard earth from under the tray) i bolted the earth to the boot floor (kept sorting out on the rear inner arch area :S)

then drill the tray to the floor.

TBH, needs a battery cover to cover it.

oh also made my front wipers go dodgey :S


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I got an auto electric mate of mine to look at it recently and he rewired it again because I did it wrong. 25mm square insulated cable in ducting with a distribution block at the front and a 80 or 100 amp fuse ( I think ) at the batt in the rear and earthed in the boot.

Make sure you get rid of all the paint where your earthing and get some extra cable and make up an earthing kit for under the bonnet well worth it, lights are brighter especially interior lights and engine sensors work alot better


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id personally use something around the 25-35mm2 mark, and run a positive and negative to the engine bay, id earth the battery locally to the boot but then run the earth straight to the starter too. id also be tempted to have some sort of protection in the boot too, just in case.


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Easiest thing to do is go to the scrap yard and rip the BMW battery kit out, it will be cheaper than buying the correct gauge cable and you'll have a nifty under bonnet jump point like BMWs have!
I've made my own rear mount battery kit for my 200sx easy to do just the proper stuff ie wires, short protecters fuses etc works out expensive, wish I'd have just bought a BMW one like my mate did for a fiver