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  • Thank you for fixing my car!!! Top service, Great price and Great customer service!
    Hopefully I won't need you in the future but if I do I won't hesitate to contact you, Fully recommend your Garage (Y)
    im replacing them with shorter springs. ive done it before on my previous k11. if i compress them to the point where the spring has no load on the shock at all would the bolt spin off easily with say the strut clamped and a socket on the bolt? just noticed in my previous post i said i had a impact wrench, i meant i dont
    hello mate, been pointing in your direction by weestar. im looking for some local help with my front suspension its just changing the springs. ive dont this before but this time i have a impact wrench. you know aof a way of getting around this or somewhere/one who could help.

    any info would be great, dave
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