Suspension Kits


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I'm interested know what type of suspension kits people are using on their
K12 Micra's , either lowering springs on their own or springs and dampers and whether the dampers are adjustable on the damping rates and / or ride height adjustable. Also interested to know what sort of money these kits are selling for.

Thanks in advance for your help.

PS also intested to know which models are the most popular.

Dr Zoidberg

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a few people have just used lowering springs that i'm aware, eibach, koni and tien spring to mind, no pun ment... generally give 30-40mm drop not sure on the rates though. i'm sure tien did a basic damper upgrade also.

rik was using HKS coilovers which were recently put on ebay don't know the specs. paid close to a grand to get them (imported)

a couple of people are using the fk coilovers from here:

as for popular models i think its going to be the 1 ltr - 1.4 ltr models. only a had full of 1.6's in the club
on they have tien kit with contoll unit too at a very good price

those hks ones are the best i have seen however