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  • Hi bob
    Iv heard good things about your manifolds, inlet and outlet. I was considering a 30mm (quad) bike carb conversion on my 1.0 K10 and looking at chopping a set of bike headers to fit... After reading positive things about your work I'd like to know more if you don't mind.
    Would you be interested in building me a inlet and/or outlet, some info on what you have built and some costs?
    hi there bob been trying to post photos of yr manifold but not having much luck. have you got an email I can send them to?
    cheers...back off to the garage
    Hi there Bob, I'm a newbie to autograssing up here in scotland and have just has our first meet. I've been told I've one of your inlet manifolds and webers, but its fitted to a stock engine. I've been told to get the valve seats done and skim the head. The car came with a scrap head that'd dropped a valve its 110.55mm thick, the one on the car is 114mm thick. How much should I get skimmed, the local engine guys say 3.5mm is a BIG skim and to check it out with some one who knows his stuff...that would be you!!! Any tips mate??
    cheers Luke CS95
    no i've come across 3 types one's a 31b outta 1.2l, the 01b is outta the 1l and the 17b is outta a 1l too i was told?? i've yet to come across the 18b.. there is alo another no on the head the two 1l heads i've got ha a 7 and a 5 on them??? this mean anything??
    hi bob did you sell those gold rims or are they still about .and have you sold everything else or do you still have bits left. cheers chris
    You mean 31b 1.2 head no that can only be used in class 2,the other 01b is a 1.0 head
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