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  • Hi matt, I'm running a stock 1275 k11 motor in a classic mini, its on a four branch manifold and a one off inlet manifold.however i would like a bit more power. i was thinking of cams and maybe a megajolt ignition. Any advice/prices would be appreciated
    Hi Matt,
    Could you give me a quote on left and right suspension arms for a 98 k11 shipped to Bergen, Norway? Frank tells me you are to go-to guy for this stuff :)

    Many thanks,
    Hi Matt Geraint Mayes Motorsport the brackets for the arb are the wrong ones the brackets you sent me are lower arm ones have you got the arb ones
    Can you also tell me the gearstick you sent is that a standard one ?
    hi Matt, got the stainless cat pipe today, fitted it and sounds a lot lot better now! cheers for the quick delivery much appreciated :)
    hi there matt ive just been told from nex that u may do longer studs for my k11 as i dont have enough length for the wheel nuts on my 15s to thread onto

    hope you can help me me out

    thanks danny1.0l (dan)
    hi i am after a ajustable panhard bar thing can u give me a price plz my com wnt let me open u price page thanks lance
    hey matt
    i was wondering if there are any electic adjustable suspension for my k11?
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