New driver buying advice

Hi there,

I'm about to pick up my first car (24 years old, passed test late) and am looking at a K12 Micra as I know some people with good experiences with them. The one I'm looking at is a 2008 1.2 25 edition (5d). It's from a independent dealer and priced at £2,250, with 91k miles on the clock. I've looked at similar models elsewhere and this seems a bit cheap? Or is this acceptable with that kind of mileage? I know that parts like the cam belt will soon require a change (if they haven't already), was wondering if there is anything I should look for on a test drive (obviously not too experienced in that regard).

The K11 is a fantastic car and so good value, only reason I changed our daughters is the Encap safety rating is much better in a K12, I got the Diesel and its doing 61 mpg mixture of motorway and city driving and if you can get the right one only £30 road tax
I have a 2004 1.0le on 150k never had cam chain changed,and never needed it. The later models had any initial teething probs of the earlier ones sorted. Id buy it if it were me.

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