160SR buying advice

Hi all,

After a few years after selling my 1.2 K12 I am now looking at going back to a K12 as I now have a much shorter commute to work.

I've seen a couple of 160SR's.

One is 2005 for £999 but has quite high miles (133K) but looks in great condition.

Could anyone give me some advice on the 160SR? Reliability, things to look out for. I know there were timing chain issues on earlier K12 models.

What sort of MPG do you guys get from your 160SR as well? I'm looking for a small car that can do about 40 to 50 MPG and I used to get about 42 out of my 1.2.

I've been looking at the 1.5 Dci but the diesel cars I've had before all suffered some kind of problem with the turbo. I'm not sure how reliable the Dci's are but I do like the look of the 160SR's instead.


Terve Chris,

I bought mine 2014 from Netherlands, from there to Fin(e)land fuel comsumption was 5.6l/100km. I have chamged 5 bulbs, front dishes and pads and battery. 2014 vehicle had 78000 km now 142000 km.
It starts without any problems from -30C to +30C. In my opinion really reliable so far, has always passed Finnish MOT.

My blog => -06 Micra 160 SR of Mika The Finn have to fix picture links some day...

Hi Mika,

That is all really helpful. So it looks like you get 50 mpg UK which is more than I expected. But I suppose the car is small with a larger engine so that sounds promising.