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My 97 K11 Micra GX

Just Though id start a thread on this an post a few pics of my k11 Micra heres what has been done from when i first bought the car

I Bought the car in November off a granny with ONLY 39,000 miles on it and only 2 owners from new :O I jumped on it the second i seen it haha the car still has the original radio from the factory

Things i have done so far
- CG13 engine with CG10 gearbox an flywheel
- Banded Steelies 7.5j Front an 8.5j Rear
- Daewoo matiz set up on front with perch drop
- Corsa b rear shocks with cut springs in rear
- NodSpeed adjustable pan hard rod
-Wrap around spoiler w/brake light
-Tinted windows
-Tinted Headlights
-Got back box put on that a friend made for me brap brap :D

I have a few thing to go on the car aswell sitting in the shed waiting for good weather
-Centre Spoiler
-Rear Lip for bumper
-Sprayed50/50 Tailights

All the things done the car I done myself because im unemployed an get about 30 euro to myself every week which goes on petrol :( haha but its worth it :D So I really got most of the stuff for the car by pure fluke an thats just by being in the right place at the right time hahaha :)
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This is how it looked When I just Bought the car :)
441.PNG 440.PNG
455.JPG 456.JPG
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I then went an bought a roll a window tint to tint the 3 windows in the back, The rear window didnt come out good so I peeled it off an gonna give it a go another time but the two side windows came out perfect!
This is how it looked when I put top spoiler on, still havnt put the centre spoiler on but will be soon, the car was well to high needed to be lowered haha :)
752.JPG 747.JPG
759.JPG 790.JPG
So I started saving for lowering springs, but one day i went into a garage with my mate to get his clutch done an was talking to a fella that worked there about my micra telling him that im gonna lower it he turns around an says i have a set here from a jap micra customer wanted standard ones in when she was buying the car so I asked him what price he was looking for them he said ye can take them for FREE I was delighted :D :D
Some Parts I have in the shed just waiting to go on to the car as soon a i get a bit good weather ! :)
Rear Lip:
004.JPG 005.JPG
50/50 Lights
Centre Spoiler
Also Have a CG13 Engine aswell
Exhaust Looks really nice should sound good to i might go for a 3.5inch straight pipe job, also i seen 1 mint oem wind deflector in a scrap yard other one broken you could come across the other one your self i might be able to get it thrown in for nothing if i need parts of the chap in the yard.
Oh it sounds sweet wait until you hear nice lil rasp of it :D might go for a decat soon like the 2nd cat I'll even put it on see what it sounds like,,

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Ye do there handy enough to put on I just cable tied it on, keeps snapping off but over stupid ramps :( haha

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cars are lloking good in that picture you get the middle spoiler on would love to find one if i could should look ace on sunday


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I'm considering moving to Ireland just because the number plates look so much better than ours...

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Havnt done much more to the car yet but more things to come just need to save up some money ;) hope to have the cg13 in the next few weeks can't wait

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