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Mildred the Micra

Soo I'm new here so you may have to bear with me :) how ever I'm not new to the micra... I had a 1.3 facelift gx in jt0 Apple green, electric windows. Power steering,central locking in great condition. Interior was mint :) on a T reg, 96.000 on the clock. Unfortunately my little Kermit is in scrap yard heaven :( as I was t- boned on a ring road 30 hours after passing my test ..... Oopsies!... I've been told that isn't the way to lower your car... Slam bar was rolled round on it's self, shassy twisted, dash was shunted, gear box knackered, acceleration peddle shifted, slammed to the floor etc. Need less to say i didn't do it half hearted... View attachment 22505 and after the crash View attachment 22506 I didn't fix it as it had already had a bump before from previous owner then I crashed it and thought if it were to happen a third time (touch wood it dosn't) id be pushing my luck. So I went and got my self a new little project View attachment 22507 this is my little mildred :) rocking an m reg ;) 1.3 LX povo spec, 95.000 on clock. With a little help from MicraPro and dad she's allready looking tons better View attachment 22508 she's getting There, slowy but surely. Got a lot of plans :)


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4 posts and already a member? Nice :D

I do think the bumper should be all black and the "bad boy" removed. Just my opinion though.

Good start so far, any list of plans? Or is it hush hush ;)
Couldn't stay away ;) hmm...see where your coming from but have to admit I am slightly guilty of loving how evil she looks :D Just a few ideas really nothing set in stone. I'll post some pics soon of what's been done so far. To begin with i'm more interested in making her look pretty than anything else.... Any ideas?
I've seen a set of Aquarius muttern b alloys that I really like. cant find them anywhere though :') also the hairpin alloys of an mg but not sure that they will fit... I'm rather fussy with wheels and find it hard to find a set I actually like :/ I can't get after market alloys either because of insurance :/
I agree with that one... I have so much arch gap I could rent it out :L
But 35mm is nice and subtle

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Just a little update of what's been done so far :)
Boot carpet had some suspicious stains o_O so replaced it with shag pile carpet... Looks a lot nicer I think :D
Painted wheels just to spruce them up till I find some alloys. They're growing on me though tbh.
Back end looked a bit plain
Soo MicraPro very kindly painted and body filled my wrap around spoiler were it had screwed round in the crash and like usual did an amazing job... Looks like New! :O changed the boot handel to the handel of a facelift and painted The badges. New number plates just to spruce it up (made so much difference!) then went on the rare tinted lights and micra mud flaps ^.^
Speedo surround painted
CUP HOLDERS! ^.^ (small things please small minds)
Door cards left a lot to be desired :L
So got some armrest from a GX and wrapped them :) 1368436645667.jpg
Parcel shelf was next
Sprayed and fluffy :D
Seats from a GX as mine had seen their days
New gear knob
Wern't a fan of the steering wheel
Horrible to drive with to. So got a new one :)
Hand brake surround wrap in carbon
Super S bumper :)

I think it's going to be alloys next

Whatcha think so far? ^.^

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Just fancied something abit different :)
WOW! That's brilliant :D the question is what to wrap it in though? I think leopard print on the ceiling might be a little too much :L

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looking good clodo dont get down hearted about alloys the right set will come to you like they do with the rest of the members on here its often a bargain that sways a sale... i hated gold wheels before i got mine but they were cheap! and now almost a year later there still on for get about alloys and find me a back bumper to spruce up :D
looking awesome so far tho... :cool: keep it up! by means of keep me busy haha :rolleyes:
Think I might have found some alloys :D but it's top secret ;) yes! Bumper next :) I shall be on the search for one! ^.^ especially as I cooked mine o_O damn veg oil!

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sweet!!! love the domo sticker! and quick question , did you place the sr wrap around spoiler or did the come on the car.

shane, Dublin, K11
Thankyou! :D I bought the wrap around spoiler from a scrap yard £15 :O and stuck it on with tiger seal :) (didn't fancy drilling holes)

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Extremely well! The entrance to my drive has big conifer hedges each side.... Lost count of how many times I've reversed into them.... Not even slightly budged it :)

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Thankyou! :D I bought the wrap around spoiler from a scrap yard £15 :O and stuck it on with tiger seal :) (didn't fancy drilling holes)

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It's not tiger seal... It's black UPOL silicon sealant same stuff thats holding mine on too :rollseyes:
I did think that :/ I reckon though that'll look better when I get a splitter on her :) if not i'll put it in the other bolt hole an inch or two behind :)
Mildreds old shoes have been replaced :D they were a set of painted steelies
With a lot of swearing and nearly sending the alloys through the windscreen.... They're on! :D basically when I took her to Wilco to get her new tyres they must have got the incredible hulk to come in especially to tighten the wheel nuts -.- I'm not the lightest of people I'm a good 9 1/2 stone and me jumping on the wheel brace wasn't even tickling it
But they're on and I'm very happy with them :D
Her wheel arches were filthy so the got a good clean :)

What'd you think ? :)