heya guys... new memeber :)

Soo I'm new here so you may have to bear with me :) how ever I'm not new to the micra... I had a 1.3 facelift gx in jto Apple green, electric windows. Power steering,central locking in great condition. Interior was mint :) on a t reg, 96.000 on the clock. Unfortunately my little Kermit is in scrap yard heaven :( as I was t- boned on a ring road 30 hours after passing my test ..... Oopsies!... I've been told that isn't the way to lower your car... Slam bar was rolled round on it's self, shassy twisted, dash was shunted, gear box knackered, acceleration peddle shifted, slammed to the floor etc. Need less to say i didn't do it half hearted... Photo0045.jpg and after the crash Photo0072.jpg I didn't fix it as it had already had a bump befor from previous owner then I crashed it and thought if it were to happen a third time (touch wood it dosnt) id be pushing my luck. So I went and got my self a new little project IMAG0003.jpg this is my little mildred :) rocking an m reg ;) 1.3 LX povo spec, 95.000 on clock. With a little help from MicraPro and dad she's allready looking tons better IMAG0144.jpg she's getting. There slowy but surely. Got a lot of plans :)