K11 Lowered 35mm, but front sits much higher! - The Purple Nurpul

Hello fellow micra nuts,

After months of lurking and you all showing me yours, it's only fair of me to show you mine. I bought this lovely purple k11 a few months back, and as my first car it has been nothing short of perfect. I introduce to you... The Purple Nurple! (aka The Lavender Langoustine, aka The Dastardly Dairy Milk) 1 owner, 60k mileage, no rust and a few little dinks, £1000 bought it on the spot.

Done a few little mods: LED strip, rear tints, speakers, spoiler - and now lowering it:

The Problem:
The other day I bought 35mm lowering springs on eBay (£50) , and promptly installed them. Rears were easy of course, and immediately looked very low (lower than expected) but admittedly looked very cool and I was excited to get the fronts on.

The fronts were much much harder, taking about 6 hours to install thanks to a) not being a car guy and never having done it before, b) having to hand crank the spring compressors on and off each time, and c) struggling to get that blasted strut mount off without rounding off the blasted tiny little flattened protruding bolt.

But eventually I got the new springs on, following my trusty haynes manual and some YT videos - and upon installation they look very high compared to the back (higher than expected). The car looks like its leaning back and about to take off. Not quite what I expected from an even drop.

Now the springs had front and rear written on them, so I can't have got that wrong, so I'm left confused as to why the car is so uneven now. Maybe I made a mistake installing them, put them in upside down, or just need to get new front shock absorbers? Or do I need to remove/cut the front bump stops to let the car settle lower?

There new springs have a slightly wider diameter than the stock ones - maybe they don't sit in the spring seats properly?

Any help is appreciated - my 35mm lowering looks worryingly different to everyone else's.

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Here are some pics:


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the shocks or bumpstops wont change anything, you could try matiz or alto rears on the front
Thanks for the speedy reply - is that chevvy matiz and suzuki alto springs?

Is it normal, if all the springs are the same size, for it to lower in an uneven manner like this?


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its the same era cars that fit, there a plenty of threads on here
and yes yours is a typical lowering springs stance ^
Nice, so these springs could do the job? Just swap them out for the current new ones on the front coilovers, or since I have springs should I just chop them with an angle grinder?


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