had a little accident

hey all, bad news unfortunately i broke my front splitter while parking
the middle piece came of and i dont know how to get it sorted coz i dont have all the pieces.


only way i think it could be done is bumper off then get a piece of mdf wrapped in cling film. Place bumper on it and cut out shape of splitter the make a fibre glass mould of this then fill sand prime paint etc. Though that could be just stupid lol :p

or as you say remove the splitter then make a bottom bit for the bumper.


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Just because the fashion for micra's is the euro low and wide look doesnt mean that someone with a big loud bodykit should get slated imo. (I personally like the euro look) but each to their own ey guys!?
I think there should be an unspoken rule that you dont say negative things about others cars unless they ask for your opinion.
Its just not very nice basicly. Alot of work has gone into that car and effort should be respected.
''If you aint got nuffin' nice to say...'' :D :D

Sorry to see the damage waz, will take some repairing to get that back to rights!


If its not scrubbing, its not low enough.
What has age got to do with it?
Lots of fibreglass and lots of patience and it'll be fine.


I love Ed!!!!
People remember to play nice, if you don't have anything nice to say then stay quiet otherwise the delete button and the points fairy will come out to play.



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I like Big Jap Kits! but i personally don't think it suits micras.
you should be able to get some fibreglass from halfords etc. and fix it, either that or trim the splitter away so your left with just the bumper.

Robbie 733

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I'm with decxter, copy shape onto a sheet of cardboard or plywood, then use this as a template to repair in fibreglass.

I'll make no comment on the style of the front bumper, but I really must call into question your bonnet badge !!!!!!:doh:


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i have an idea mate if you dont want that splitter, cut it completely off and get a laguna or polo splitter, and then retro fit it and i think it would give a good base to the hks bit as it would be left plain right?