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  • hey mate, do you have any down and out k11 stickers and MSC stickers, please :)
    Hey Mark, hope you're well! I've seen your machining efforts on the forum, and I'm suitably impressed! I need an aluminium/chrome handbrake handle and gearknob for my MX5 as the wood veneer trim is tatty and ick.
    If I sent some money your way, would you be interested in making some for me?
    hey mate is there any possibility you can make me two of those caps you put over the front bearing nut as i want to put a couple over mine but cant seem to locate them anywhere

    hope you can help with this thanks

    The spline was the same diameter, but longer, so it stuck out the other side of the hub slightly. This meant that the drum (and disk) seated on the end of the splines rater than the mounting face of the hub. I drilled a slight relief on the inside of the drum and disk so that they cleared the protuding spline and sat on the mounting face.
    hey matey you know when you took off the drum to put your +20 wheel studs on is the spline bigger on them then the standard ones if yes how did you get round it or was it pretty easy
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