Auto gearbox problem

Hi all i have just bought a 1.3 micra with auto box and its got a problem. When i slow down to about 20 mph it jumps violently into first gear has anybody got any ideas how to fix this fault as its a tad annoying and feels like the engine is trying to exit the bonnet, Any help would be much appreciated.


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Check the earths and that the gear selector cable is adjusted properly (it sounds more like it's running in DS rather than D). Check the engine and gearbox mountings too as worn mountings will amplify the movement between gear change and add to the roughness.
Thanks for that porkpie sorry to sound daft but how do i adjust the gear cables is there a setting or marks on the gearbox? I Have always been into landrovers so auto boxes are a bit new to me....
You can adjust the selector from underneath, just behind the gearbox.

Personally I'd check the contact unit on top of the gearbox. (The bit the cables connect to) They wear and corrode inside.

I have carried out the tests and it says that all the electrics are ok. Im pulling my hair out with it. Has any body got any other ideas please? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks