Auto Gearbox Problem?


Dave K

I've recently purchased a '98 1.3 GX Auto K11, I'd test driven it, and bought it back home 26 miles down the motorway without hitch.

When moving it from the rear to the front of our house last night, I came across a weird problem which I can now replicate, and suspect may be something within or associated with the gearbox.

When decelerating around 10mph and lower without using the brakes or touching the accelerator pedal at all, there is a strange squeal/screach/grindy type noise coming from the front somewhere, and the car seems to judder in response, as if whatever is causing the noise is creating a problem with movement. Hitting either the accelerator or brake pedal seems to instantly stop the noise, as does chucking the gear selector into 'N'.

Along with this, gear selection seems to be very tough, I previously had a '93 1.0 L Auto, in which the gear selection was very smooth, popping from 'D' to 'N' and back was very easy, in the new car however the stick moves smooth as anything when the engine isn't running, but in everyday use it seems like it needs a bit of a slap to get to where I want it.

Are there any common faults which would cause such a problem? Or am I looking at dismantling the transmission completely to locate the culprit?
I'm having the exact same problem with my 98 micra 1.3 auto. It jusdder and makes a loud screeching sound, and usually does it a very low speed. It's also much more likely to happen when the engine is cold, and/or when the weather is damp. The problem is happening more and more often, so I recently took it to an auto "specialist" who did not know what it was ???? (some specialist) !!

Did you get it fixed, and if you did, please can you let me know what the problem was, as I am getting worried something is going to break anytime soon in the engine/gearbox, and it's only done 29,000 genuine miles !