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    Halfords prices - service parts

    cheap filters lol they all do the same job and nine times out of ten made by the same people lol
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    Flat Wiper Blades-What are they like?

    I got two sets. one broke while wiping the window, and the replacement set broke when fitting them - im a mechanic and i know how to fit wiper blades just incase anyone thought i was being daft and couldnt fit wipers lol Daz
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    can anyone tell me....

    out of curiosity why do you need to know the manufacturer? if its to take them off, it looks like a multi hex socket would do the trick :-)
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    Smart Car Turbos

    Doubt you would get much pressure off it being a 700cc engine mate..
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    ABS, Low fuel and air bag light not working

    ABS light staying on IS a failure, Rear fog light not working is of course a failure. Some of the K11s dont have low fuel level! and if your car hasnt got an airbag then the light wont come on mate.
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    A "full system" is the manifold to centre section to back box. A cat back exhaust is a cat back system! From the Cat to the Back box. Hope this clears things up
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    breaks locking

    My K11 used to do it all the time! Put a set of decent tyres on it and it was fine! Also cleaned the brakes up a bit coz they were binding on slightly!
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    problems after servicing

    would wreck the threads making it quite hard to get the old ones out, and you would need to re tap the head to get the new ones in. Have you spilt a bit oil (burning smell) And another silly question but did you put the plug leads right tight on and in the right firing order? Daz
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    Are those brighter than the sportz blue? any pics?
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    i had a tiny wee bump a while back and heard nothing for months then i had a lawyers letter saying i was to pay the excess of the third party insurance policy or go to court over it. The police were at the crash cos they were dealing with a suspicious death across the road and seen everything...
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    failed me mot

    I wasnt aware of the K11's having pad indicators - more than likely low brake fluid from the leaking cylinder mate. Daz
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    claim incident?

    It is a fiesta lads! It may well have broken the nudged the tank and some "heaven forbid dirty fuel" gotten down the fuel lines and clogged up the injector and now it wont start. Either that it was just too cold for it to start that day! Ask to see the damage and the fuel leak - stick a match...
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    car wont start

    Whats happened, the cars probably flooded itself, As for the squeeking its more than likely gonna be your fan belt or PAS belt thats slack, and the water from washing your car is allowing it to slip - simple enough to tension back up again mate. Daz
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    my micra is now dead :(

    how are they ***? You didnt pay your tax lol only doing their job at the end of the day m8
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    A Scottish newbie....

    Welcome! What part of scotland you from mate? Daz