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    1.6 micra update

    yeah engine is 102bhp standard the interior is stripped completely as is all un-needed wiring, trim, fog's, wiper motor etc etc ...... everything that isnt needed .... kerb weight is 750kg's ? i thought i would save 50kg stripping everything out + about an extra 10bhp (being optimistic)...
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    1.6 micra update

    well my 1.6 has had a bump. someone has pulled out infront of me and it needs a wing, headlight and the headlight panel has been pushed back. im hopeful that it will see the road again especailly as it has 10 months MOT and 5 months tax. anyway the other party isnt admitting liabilty, the...
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    Update on the insurance - Glanza

    i got my renewnal in yesterday .... £423 on a s14a 200sx stage one tuned (approx. 270bhp), and lowered.
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    Cut out number plate?

    im not argueing ......... but why are the 'cut outs' illegal ?? 10mm spacing between letters ? 10mm spacing to the out edge ? certain height of characters ?? is this one illegal then ??? the answer to that is no...
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    getting a refund with no recipt?

    usually you just need to prove proof of purchase ......... ie. you paid with you card. they may be able to find it on there system. i know pc world, currys etc can (mostly for warrenty + there records/customer recongnition etc). maybe not clothes shops tho as no warrenty provided as such.
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    styling ....

    not the best pics .... but any photoshops of ideas would be appricated if you look very closely you can see the red rim on the steelies :)
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    fuel injectors

    its a micra throttle body the silver plate is the air flow meter, theres a plug going into the side of this 'silver plate' - yes ? and its sealed in and not screwed ? craig im not sure of the blacking plate you talk of either .... is it to block the AAC + FICD on the front of the 1.6...
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    my blog

    is that a ''home-made'' rear strut toney ?? i need one, dont care what it looks like, function over form. . . . would a decent/suitable thickness of flat bar be suitable ? anyone an thoughts, recommendations ??
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    styling ....

    i dont unfortunatly but wil get some over the weekend.
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    styling ....

    passed, woo hoo
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    styling ....

    not quite mate. but similar. i dont want as ''solid/in your face'' but suppose theres no other way. im looking for ideas, thanks for your input. any more pics ? im prob going to get a set of GTi-R wheels and paint them black/red .... maybe white/red ... certainly not just silver tho/ any...
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    styling ....

    well ive been busy with the primicra over the last while, swapping the engine, loom and ECU etc. as well as sourcing a free flow exhaust, cold air filter ..... also the sills needed extensive work, and its up for mot tomorrow .... just relised tonight when setting the headlights that the NS...
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    Lowering help.

    when i done the rears i jacked up in middle of rear axle and got someone to lean there weight on the far wheel ..... how does the guide suggest ?
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    What are you paying for insurance

    22 200sx touring s14a (grp 18) stage one modified plus...... FMIC, lowered Shocks/Springs windscreen cover, got the girlfriend named driver etc. in the beautiful northern ireland .... (ridiculas insurance) £800ish for example of lovely insurance ..... 18/19 k11 1.0l micra (grp 3)...
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    Sportex 3" backbox for K11

    i seen it