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    Considering a delta

    they did one of these on that "wheeler Dealers" program on sky... was like 4000 all finished, looked MINT
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    Internet Trends

    no one has mentioned mIRC!!! that was the first i remember of mass online chatting, and the mIRC clients you could download that included hacking tools.. ah those were the days
  3. Courior Exclusive Dougie Lampkin Video

    thats how you ride a bike! bliiiiiiiiimy.
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    how do i make my girlfriend like my k10 again

    put a 1.6 in it!! that will leven it up a bit
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    My K10 Super S.. Bout Time..

    lol i was about to mention the pan as well :)
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    mig welder any good

    looks good (im no expert) but why was you looking at Aldi at 3:46am! hehehe
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    Install a count-turn on Nissan Micra...

    I think Count Turn is a Rev Counter, and the instructions he has are for K10's and he has a K11 with electronic Ignition.. I installed a Rev Counter on a K10 so unfortunatly have no idea about the K11. But im sure there will be someone who can help!!
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    Carb Confusion!

    In the haynes its in the back in the supplement. there is a wikid diagram that shows it all and how everything interacts
  9. Courior New Camera Test On A3

    i go past this EVERYDAY... its been there about 2 months now... looks wierd. hasnt been burnt out yet. ive never seen it flash so maybe it uses Infra Red so people dont know they have been caught.
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    Super S 1.3 Starts then Dies (Pls Help!)

    do you have a lot of keys and things on the key chain??? the added weight might damage the ignition barrel.
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    Budget K10 4-1 Manifold

    now thats a good mod.. take one of them in place of the jack! surely gonna save some wieght there!! lol thats awesome
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    Super Quick PC for sale!!

    BUMPAGE!!! This is still on Including the monitor.. As per the first post. If you think £450 is too much make an offer and i can see what i can do. Cheers!
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    Window tints (WHATS LEGAL?)

    i would say 70% of time eye contact with a car driver when on the bike you can be pretty sure they have seen u and will allow you to pass... but ive had plenty that see you with good eye contact and they STILL pull out! car drivers sometimes cant judge the speed of a bike very well.
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    Hi im new

    Morning and Welcome to the site!!
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    Super Quick PC for sale!!

    Would anyone want the screen for £100 by itself???