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Wifebirds new K12

Hi All
just got the wife a k12 1.2 urbis (photos will follow need to spend all day cleaning first) 55.000 on it 1 owner from new and full SH....so im well happy!!! has got some sun damage to front headlamp lens??? anybody else have this problem? can it be fix or is it a case of buying some new ones? list of mods will follow but still not sure what im gonna do yet.....so any ideas welcome!!


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hi jake :)
the bleached lenses are a renault trait, i,ve polished the shine back to some clio ones in the past with 1500 grit wet paper and farecla G3 paste
No problem Jake...I hope it works the same for yours ;)
I think My dad spent a good hour on them...they were really bad though. properly cloudy looking
I guess if it doesn't then still give it a go with the fine grit as Frank said
Good luck
will do thanks jen im on holiday camping all next week so ill have loads of time cleaning....what a sad man lol....
It's not sad...I spent 8 hours cleaning my baby the first day i had her
...tar removing, waxing, vacuuming and wiping down al the trims...plus meths on the windows...then of course rainex XD
...Mostly because she had no Tax (crappy trade seller didn't wanna spend the £35) so i couldn't just drive around...well...legally anyhow LOL
Did a full service on her this week 10.000 mile since Feb. Oil still quite clear but the oil filter was bitch to get off unless you got tiny jap hands!!