New to me K12

Hi Guys, I've just bought a K12 for my daughter to learn to drive on and to use after she passed her test. It seems a nice little car. Bought from a dealer who is currently putting 12 months MOT on it. The old MOT history shows it's been passing without advisories. Mileage of 63k checks out. Bodywork is in great condition for the year. And it's had one owner from new which I have confirmed on the V5. Good service history. I said I wouldn't buy from a dealer but I looked at a few and this one was the nicest.
Parkers guide says it's a 1.2 Visia (09) 3d 2010/10 So I'm assuming it was manufactured in 2009 but registers in 2010 ?
It's got the original radio. But I forgot to look to see if it's fitted with a. Aux port or not. If not I guess I'll be looking for some way for her to play the music on her I phone.
I like the fact that it's got a chain not a cam belt. And I hear they are normally reliable cars. But really she loves the looks and the colour and it suits her really well.
Hoping to pick it up around new year.
Does anyone know whether this model comes with an aux port or not ?
Heres a photo of the radio. I think it's the stock radio? Hopefully I can work with this.
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