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Chris' K12 E

Having been a bit more active on the forums in recent weeks and being rather new here, I decided I'd put up a little build thread. I haven't really done too much in terms of modifications as I bought the car on the pretensions that I was never actually going to modify it as I was under some sort of illusion that 'it's just a micra'.

This all changed when I was linked by a friend to 'Big Jords' K12 slammed on its arse with some 17" bbs rims and that sparked it. I decided as I was going to be keeping the car for the next few years as it's my first car (bought when I was 17) and I'm now. I didn't cheap out on my first car unlike many my age and I fully understand it's down to what you can afford, it isn't solely a mummy and daddies car but they definitely helped me out, I feel if your parents are in a position to help you with it then it's nothing to be ashamed of but on the same token nothing to scream and shout about either.

Anyway, back to thread. I bought this wonderful K12 back in the August of 2013 not long after my 17th. This was one of the only cars I actually looked at and bought it from a dealership. Having pondered auto trader for a while this seemed to be the best deal and here it is!


So, having bought the car I passed within the next few months and wasn't really too fussed about even touching it. My first and only modification for a while was the upgraded sound system which included:

Sony head unit - 4 50W pre amps
Fli speakers
Edge 1100W amp
Edge 750W amp

(on the first picture you can also see my black AC controls which I plasti dipped, not an amazing finish but a damn site better than paying for new nobs from Nissan!




As the car isn't very big, I couldn't really warrant a huge 2000W dual subwoofer with a 2000W amp and go completely over board, instead I settled for a rather modest but still amazing sound quality and power output system. I got some quotes from the local area for everything involved and fitting but no one could beat halfords (halfrauds) on the same equipment and they were over £100 cheaper! So I took the hassle out of fitting it for a very small cost and had them set everything up such as the EQ and also got a very nice warranty which has come in handy (sadly). First time they didn't actually screw the dash back in properly, I then lost all power to the left side speakers which they replaced the wiring for and then this actually happened again and it was a speaker fault apparently so they replaced the speakers free of cost *thank god*

So, after this I told myself I was actually done with the car... Until as mentioned earlier I saw Jords K12. I was in love with multi spoke wheels and also wanted it a little lower. So upon my insurance renewal I rung around with no luck at all for quotes with wheels and springs, I then phoned admiral my insurer and only quoted a £60 increase and my insurance came down £1000 from my first year! :cool:

This was my car just before the fitting:


The arch gap is destroying my eyes! :oops:

I managed to get a hold of the Calibre Vintage wheels, 16" at 7.5J (I think). A big step up from the little 14" 4J wheels (again, I think). I also got PI 35mm lowering springs, I got the wheels with 4 new tyres and springs all at cost price which saved me quite alot seeing as I'm just a student with a part time job :)

And this was the finished product (with my private plate I got for my 18th):



Words cannot describe how happy I was after having that done, it's not as low as I'd like it to be but my insurer aren't too keen on the idea of going any lower than 50mm so we'll have to wait for a year or two sadly. But I think it's such an improvement compared to how it was and never thought I'd see myself even contemplating these modifications!

From this point on it's mainly little things that happen with the car, I was told be Jen (who I swear blindly on commission from Nissan) to buy these blinds, at first I wasn't too keen on the idea but its basically removable tints which is kick ass for a quarter of the price! Also complimented with a little rising sun fuel cap sticker which I got from pro cut vinyl :cool: I also had to get rid of the ghastly huge antenna and replaced with a very small 'bee sting' style I think its called which I got from amazon for the grand total of £1.. Win!


Also a rear view with my blinds, cute little domo-kun and fly eye tints which were an absolute bitch to fit (no one told me a hair dryer may actually come in handy) not my brightest moment in all honesty!


As can be seen from the back, a wild black nissan badge appeared! I decided to debadge my back end and invested in a wonderful thing called plasti dip, I masked the majority of the area leaving a square to peel around the badge as the over spray was quite bad. after about 6 coats of the stuff leaving 10 mins in between coats its turned out really well! :D

I Also did the same with the front end, I masked the majority of the area and set to work on the badge. Same amount of coats and what not but I also decided to get rid of my chrome strip on my grill as I thought it stood out too much. I also applied some of the fly eye to the indicator lights to darken it up a bit and must say I personally think it looks quite good.


I know I still have the headlights to tint, these will be done very soon and can't wait! If I fail miserably then I will have to admit defeat and take it to a tinting place and get them to do it, but I hope that's a last resort ;)

This isn't really a modification but after having the wheels and what not put on the car I then started caring for it alot more, not like I didn't before but it would get taken to the classic £5 car wash and that was it for the next week or two. I invested in a pressure washer, buckets, sponges, micro fibres, wax, polish, glass cleaner, chamois', some simoniz wash and wax etc etc and started doing it myself. After polishing and waxing the car after washing I saw the paint work already seemed alot better, the car being 9 years old but having only covered 55k miles the paint in great condition anyway. I was then made aware of clay barring and bought a auto glym set from halfrauds for £20 which wasn't bad, the results are fantastic. The paint work feels far smoother than that of my mums 13 plate cooper and may I say also looks better! ;) heres some pictures took from inside when I was doing it.



This will not be the end of the thread, sorry for blabbering on but this is the car as it currently stands! I will be doing further little modifications such as a new little chrome exhaust tip, nothing over the top. Tinting my front lights with the fly and possibly side indicator lights. A HID conversion on the headlights, possibly roof bars at some point? Just for show purposes! That is all I have currently planned but I presume that it wont be all! ;)

Anyway, thank you for reading my build so far I've had fun writing it and I've had a fun year with my Micra and rest assured with quite a few years to go with her!


A little update has occurred, I had seen a micra with some very cool looking lights and was informed that this was a 'HID conversion' what ever the hell that means! So, I was advised by some chaps on the forums to get them, and so I did. I got round to fitting them today and for someone who is not very practical at all I'd say it went pretty smooth! All in all from opening the box it took me around an hour with not a single problem! :O (just as surprised as you are lol). I did take a little picture out in the dark but will get round to taking some of the bay and what not tomorrow but dead chuffed with them, would definitely advise. They're 6000k and pretty damn bright! :cool:


Very quick little update, did get round to white sidelights eventually and this is this finished product with regard to the headlights! Only downside is that people seem to flash me alot as they think I'm driving around with my full beams on all the time, oh well! :p


Took this picture earlier and also had to add it to the thread, my favorite I've taken of the car so far!

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Nice write up Chris. Id like to this about mine, but i need to do more to her yet :) Now this plasti dip stuff........ what is it exactly?
Chris Why
Nice write up Chris. Id like to this about mine, but i need to do more to her yet :) Now this plasti dip stuff........ what is it exactly?

Thank you very much Leepey mate :) I haven't done too much but its just a little 'diary' so to speak that I can add to :cool: Mate, plasti dip is wonderful, its basically a spray on vinyl/wrap and you can use it on absolutely anything. When you're done with it you just peel it off, dead easy! Will link you to the vid I used, make sure you buy the official plasti dip, its about £18 but the proper stuff is the best :)

I'd advise masking the entire bonnet and bumper with news paper if you have a couple of minutes, you'll notice the overspray is very fine but it manages to get everywhere (atleast when I did it)

Thanks for adding the video!! Thats a very nice Nissan 370z!! Wow that stuff really is amazing! Im thinking of going for the Gun metal grey, so a silver and grey twist :)
Chris Why
Thanks for adding the video!! Thats a very nice Nissan 370z!! Wow that stuff really is amazing! Im thinking of going for the Gun metal grey, so a silver and grey twist :)

No worries mate, same guide I used! Just be careful when picking the wrap out of the gaps in the badge :) I'm a sucker for 350/70z, still can't beat a micra though eh ;) oo sounds good Leepey!