What do you drive?

What car do you own?

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to turbo or new lump :/ hmmm
Not really my garage where i work reconditions pumps and injectors :) cheaper than having to buy


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I'll know where to send it if one fails then mate :).


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You're right Frank. The spray characteristics of each injector are stored in an eeprom in the injector and if one's replaced, it needs to be matched into the ECU after installation :eek:.


to turbo or new lump :/ hmmm
Yes it does and frank yes the common rail injectors can be repaired depending on the problem
I drive mrs smartbears Kia soul 1.6 crdi, my 1.3 k11 & my S2 lotus Elise S.
I'm also partial to motorbikes, I have a 1980 Suzuki gt200x5, a BMW R1200gs & a triumph 955i speedtriple-I'm mainly a fair weather biker these days though!
Hi there, I'm new to this forum. Not sure where to post first but thought this would be a good one.

I have a Nissan Micra Celebration, metallic blue with 16 valve engine. I think it's a K11C, year 2000.

I love Micras, this is my second. I got this one 2 years ago and it was already 10 years old. However, can you believe it only had 10, 000 miles on the clock, and had been garaged since new. I bought it from a trader, but I contacted the original owner and saw all the service records & MOTs were genuine. It belonged to an old man who had only used it once a fortnight to go to the supermarket for 10 years. It now has 40,000 miles on it, but even now when I take it to be serviced, the mechanic can't believe the age and last time checked his computers to ensure the number plate was correct versus the car VIN number, as he said all the parts are new inside.

I was very glad to get this car as I wanted an "old style micra" but I wanted a new one, and I think that's what I got. I have had Fiestas, Metros, and a Fiat Panda and none were anything like as good as my Micras for reliability, not rusting and performance.

I'm having a problem now though, after driving through very wet roads (I think this is why), so I'm hoping to get some advice or answers here.

See you around.
I drive a 1L S.
I did have a 1.2 fiesta zetec and a rover 45 ixs 1.8L before that.

I do love the micra more than those 2.

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Shh you almost had a corsa
Ha ha, it was never gonna happen mate, my nephew's SR was earmarked from the get go. Just didn't want to go public till I'd washed it and fitted the mini rims :)

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Just bought my 1999 k11 1.3 si on Saturday.
Currently also own:
2006 Alpina b5 (e60)
1982 Mk5 cortina (2.1 twin 45's!!)
1998 Suzuki tl1000r
1995 titan gecko (google it!! Lol)
I do like my toys!!!!!! (Don't we all???)
I have just bought a new Micra k13, having traded in a 2010 k13. The new car is very different from the previous one in the way it moves off from a standstill. The new car needs little or no revs to move and can reverse up an incline with no revs, like a diesel! The previous car would not do either of these. The driveability of the new car is much improved. Both cars manual Teknas.
2014 Micra.
2012 C63 AMG.
Hello all new to the site got 2001 mirca s 1l 3d not sure what k it is but hope some one will be able to inform me on that needs some tlc b4 I can up load photos
I now own a 3 door '01 Mica 1.0S in red....well pinky red with 94,500 miles. Paid £300 for it. Runs nice. New battery yesterday and adjusted the throttle cable. Goes better already. Has bee serviced recently but will do it again in the New Year no doubt.

This is a runabout car I bought so I can keep my pride and joy in the garage.

Car is the same as the pics in the link apart from a set of Cream leather Reacro's.

My wife also drives a 3 door '99 K11 1.3 GX in red. It's dented and has a rusty wing with 114k on the clock but runs as sweet as a nut.
I drive actualy a 5 doors '98 K11 Lagoon in metallic red (AP0), and a Renault Megane coupé 2.0 IDE

I had a 3 door '99 plaza but I've sold to a friend
Hi there,

Can you let us know what model micra you own or what other type of car you own.

You can choose more then one option if you own multiple cars

I own a 2002 nissan micra 1.0 16v and I am wondering if you could me with a problem that I am having with it?