Weird sidelights problem

I wired my rev gauge a bit wrong the other day and i think i gave the orange lights wire a ignition live (12v) doh... got out the car and the sidelights were on but the lights switch was off :blush: ripped the gauge out again but..........
Now when i press the brake pedal the sidelights come on with the engine on or off :laugh: :p

check all the fuses today they are fine press the brake and sidelights come on with a click noise just in front of the passenger footwell...

i think i upset something maybe a lights relay :laugh:

anyone know what i have to do to sort it..


K10 Tuner
sounds to me like you have put a wrong bulb in the rear clusters, a single filament one rather than a stop and tail (2 filament) bulb
I think i did change the brake lights a few months ago for the MOT you could be right....(Y)

will check tomorrow... thanks.
from what i could do today brake bulbs are fine and work (just not at the same time) lol

ignition off press brake - brake lights come on with dash lights and sidelights :eek:

ignition on with side lights switched on - sidelights on but brakelights dont work properly i think sidelights get a bit brighter when brake pressed ???

earth problem? light relay problem? is the car haunted lol

i think this will be a pita to fix :blush:
Fixed :p......................................................:laugh:

the passenger rear brake light bulb double filerment had melted together at the base INSIDE the bulb.

this is why the brake circuit operated the sidelight circuit it was joined together via this dodgy bulb :wasntme:

le shed is back 100% reliable (Y)