Weird Side Lights Problem


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Right, this may take a minute or two to explain so here goes:

I was fitting a cold cathode neon tube to the underside of the drivers dash, hooked up to the door switch so it turns on when you open the drivers door.

Hooked up the +12v to the head unit 12v feed, and hooked up the earth to the earth on the car door switch.

Everything worked fine, looked good, etc etc etc.

Anyway, I was then starting to hook up a new car alarm - the car had an old one but it had most of its wires cut. There were two wires leading to the side lights, a red wire leading in to the car (later discovered this was attached to the fuse for the courtesy light.) and a couple of wires that didn't go anywhere.

I cut the sidelight wires, then checked the sidelights to make sure they worked. Then followed the red wire until I found it connected to the courtesy light fuse. I pulled the fuse out to see if the wire was soldered on, then tried to put the fuse back in. It's now loose and the courtesy light no longer works, having read some of the other posts on fuses I figure the fuse holder probably got heated up by a bad contact due to the alarm wire.

Right, this is where it gets a little strange - now the sidelights don't work, when i turn em on the cathode light turns on instead, also the dashboard lights no longer work. Now, i've checked the neon's wiring but I cant see how its connected to the sidelights at all - everythings taped up, its just connected to the door switch and the HU 12v line - no bare wires touching anything else etc.

Anyone able to shed some light on this? Anyone know if the courtesy light fuse is also the fuse for the sidelights and dashboard lights? Any help would be really appreciated, this is getting really frustrating. :down:


Fear me, for I am Onibaku
Yeah, i know, slight problem in that my car didn't have a fuse cover when I picked it up. Hopefully i can head to a scrapies on tuesday and find one, but till then if anyone has a diagram showing the fuses then that would be a big help.


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check the earth for your sidelights, and check the earth on the door switch make sure its still secure mate


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dunno if u can read this


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