No Wipers On My New Beast

Hey ya,
Its been a while since I've been on here, I recently procured a new 51 plate Nissan Micra K11 1.0 Litre 16valve jobby.

Anyway the problem I have is there are no wipers at all, except the rear.

I have checked the fuse and its fine,

my next port of call i thought is the relay, but which one is it?

Cheers for your help in advance.

Hi Al. Check ALL the fuses in the dash fuse box and under the bonnet.
If they are ok, turn the ignition and wipers on.
From under the bonnet can you hear the motor working? If yes, could be a broken linkage.
If you cant hear anything, is the wiper motor warm? Could be jammed, try helping the wipers with your hand.
Try giving the motor a tap with a hammer to free it. Just a tap, no prizes for smashing the thing off!
Finally try wiggling the multiplug at the motor. Are you getting a live/earth at the motor?
Hey man thanks for the response,

There is no noise of the wipers even trying, I had to use them manually on the way back the other day, and I kept the switch on and they never came back to life.
I've checked all the fuses there a no blown ones.
I haven't had time to get a multi meter on the live.

I'll give the old whack with a hammer trick a try - remember having to do this with starter motors a lot.

What about my logic with the relay? as I can't here any of them clicking when I put me ear to fuse box area, and moved the stalk to energise the wipers with the ignit on.

Hey I have some progress!!
First, thanks for the help guys.
I hit the motor earlier and it fired into action - I don't know I didn't do it earlier, its my usual mantra when it comes to electrical items.

The intermittent setting is a tad interesting, the wipers move and then stop quarter of the way, and then they move again about 10 seconds later sort of halfway through a cycle and stop again.

Any ideas on this problem?
Ahhh Cheers, I'll get another one from a scrappy then! any random things I should know about the removal and replacement procedure?
Best to buy one from me. That way you know it will work, paypal accepted! LOL!

When you are fitting the new one, put a blob of grease on the ball. Then hook some single core cable, a cable tie or a bit of string round the linkage and use it to pop the linkage onto the ball.
Faster than taking the wiper arms and plastic trim off!