Nissan CG10 DET in Austin Mini (Trinidad and Tobago)

i've decided to open a thread to share with y'all our install of a 16valve turbo micra engine in our Austin Mini:

we have done many 8v micra conversions and have recently started doing the CG series. Our work can also be seen here:

a little history.
this is the fourth engine ever installed in this car in the last two years! so far its had a nissan MA10 with 4 2 1 headers and a five speed:


this was then upgraded to a nissan CG13 but carbd using a hybrid manifold and distributor:

after having alot of fun with this engine we installed it in another of our friend's cars: a mini clubman

we moved on to a toyota 4E engine but retained the nissan gearbox for simplicity:


until here we are, we decided it was time to go EFI so its back to the bullet-proof nissan cg10 engine! {but with a turbo this time}


heres a photo of it just before dropping in for install...


more details to come.......

it really doesn't get more home-made than this:

. Standard japanese-spec CG10DE engine
. SR-20 internal fuel pump
. rev-limiter removed
. Aisin (RHB35 i believe) water cooled turbocharger from daihatsu mira
. standard CG10 injectors with 5th CG10 injector drilled into throttle-body
. GE pressure switch (0-10 psi.) set to 2-3 psi. ON.
. A/F and Boost gauges.
. Subaru EJ20 turbo fuel pressure regulator.
. 3-4 degrees static timing retard
. CG13 ECU (less ignition advance)
. 2" downpipe front to rear
. 6 psi wastegate actuator
. bleed valve (achieves no more than 8psi)
. NGK heat range '7' spark plugs
. HKS ssqv blow off valve
. standard manifold cast welded to flange and ported, gussets added.

yet to be added:
. suzuki samaurai intercooler (from tmic to fmic)
. cg13 cams and buckets

these are photos of the engine before it was boosted. notice the GA15 airbox due to the alternator being relocated:


the engine ran very well before
boost and gained alot of low end torque because of
thru the turbo manifold.
it was impressive, we then fabricated the boost pipe
so that we could start sorting fuel tuning.
our aim was to get it to work without management or
even a remap!
our initial idea was that ga15
injectors would suffice but this made the car bog down
and idle poorly and lean out when going into more than 2 psi.
we reverted to original injectors but relocated
the maf thinking that it would help meter the air
accurately and the ecu would do the rest.......wrong
again, it cut out due to lost air via the BOV but this
time leaned out at 3-4 psi. it was at this point we
decided to keep standard injectors and use the fifth.
off boost the car drives normally until 2psi where
the 5th injector pulses and boost comes in really hard,
the A/F is slightly rich above stoich throughout boost
and i am very happy with the whole thing.


so what do you guys think??
^^^^^^just had the engine and turbo lying around at the time. this turbo would be USELESS on a cg13 cuz its tiny(smaller than a t15) but i look fwd to doing a boosted cg13 maybe next year.


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Jesus great work there again man (Y)

you have to do an ma09 engined mini you just have to, proposition the next customer that comes to you!!!!!!!!!!


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Cool, I mapped a Eaton M45 charger (cooper S) on a forged 1.3 A series (old mini) engine yesterday. Inlet temps were horrific even though it had an intercooler, but it did make 153bhp from about 10 psi boost which I have to say I was not expecting from such an old engine.

I like the way thought has been put into the above project even if there were easier ways to deal with the management. Surprised you didnt keep the Toyota 4E engine however. Far more easy at making big power with one of those than a CG series engine
I like the way thought has been put into the above project even if there were easier ways to deal with the management. Surprised you didnt keep the Toyota 4E engine however. Far more easy at making big power with one of those than a CG series engine

naw man, we're not really after power. if it were so i would have started the toyota project with the 5E-FHE (but its likely that the micra box would not last very long), the MA10 project with an MA12, or even the CG project with a CG13.. this car is really our developmental guinea pig. and its engine history represents the fact that we can fit these different engines in a manner that is least invasive to the classic mini. am sure u understand.

heres a shot at our first mini meet since the turbo install....
<strong>Alienfish360 WROTE:</strong>

"Do you have any photos of your alternator bracket, and how you relocated it?

from TMF:
the alternator bracket and the roller is custom. u need the roller to get the belt away from the tower and keep enough belt on the water pump pulley when you really punch the X. this must be done outside the engine bay to ensure that it is true plus fabrication is ALOT easier. the roller is a 2inch flat roller and the belt we used was a 4PK1160 but yours is likely to be different. heres a pic.

in this install i managed to take a pic of the bracket. there is also an extra spar from the manifold to this bracket that is unseen in this pic:

Alienfish, ur thinking of doing this to locate ur turbo easier in front aren't you!?
just thought y'all would like to see a standard
K11 CG13DE engine install that we completed recently.
from The Mini Forum:

we are really pleased with the quality of this
install and the owner was blown away too. the
engine is extremely nimble and revs quite freely.
the tach just flings around at hits the limiter
with ease! the power delivery is VERY different
to a mini or even MA engine and with the headers
it sounds like a VTEC screamer. i will try to do
a video so u guys can hear what i mean exactly.
just picture pigeons flying away in all directions
and frightened pedestrians fleeing in horror.
heres pics of the install :




gotta love sideways brakes [patent pending]
what carburettor are you using and is it a custom inlet or a modified cg one?

That's the standard throttle body and manifold as far as I'm aware.

Looks like a classic down-draft with that air-filter though, just the job for a Mini I think.
That's the standard throttle body and manifold as far as I'm aware.

Looks like a classic down-draft with that air-filter though, just the job for a Mini I think.

yup, standard injection system [see all the wiring] we built an adapter for the carb-type filter to add some shine plus it sounds great!
just some shots from the install, we sized down some rover K-series headers to fit by cutting off the flanges and first bolting them to the head:


we ended up with this:



the pipes are then adjusted for fit and tacked in position before removing. after preliminary welding:


this is how well they fit the block:



note that these headers are not equal length so the pipes containing cylinders 2 and 3 come together a longer way down below the engine to make up for it . we removed the bulky rover flange too, they sound really great when the throttle is> half open, otherwise the car is really quiet!!
and here is another completed this week:

ok..........well you guys got me excited once again.
i must share with you our latest installation.
it is an actual upgrade on his MA10 engine which has gone strong for the last three years.
he has chosen to stay 1000cc.
going with the 16valve CG10.
he has had the manifold made using that of his last engine as well as the dizzy.
as usual here are some teaser shots as my friend has not yet seen the final install either:



some during and after shots as well:

hope you like these that we took along the way......



and some finished shots of the engine bay.
its ironic that the carb'd version looks as if it were injected............while the injected ones are sworn as being carb'd







wait till you guys see what's next.........


Some excellent work here, The Mini is my Favorite car of all time, I made sue it was the first car I owned.

Great Stuff 10/10(Y)


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really neat works!
yeh mini wide 13"s was is a bomber
i also tryed geting it as a first didnt happen
So...........i know i've been absent for quite a while.

My car has been boosted for almost a year and a half and had absolutely no problems to date, in fact i have finally decided to add an intercooler since i found a cute little one last week:



Its from a daihatsu mira also, and has allowed me to run 10 psi boost alot safer now :D.
wow this is amazing :p i keep telling my mate at college to scrap his engine and go for some serious micra power!
sorry for bring up an old thread, but what gearbox do I use when doing this conversion?
You can use either but bigchief was using the smaller RS5F41A gearbox which makes clearances easier, downside (or upside in some cases) is that the gearing is shorter so it will rev higher especially running smaller mini wheels.
Right Thank you fuzzy, where bouts do I get that gearbox?, and is it a direct fit? sorry if there stupid questions but I haven't really down much research. cheers
I'm not really the person to ask as Australia only got the CG13DE with the larger RS5F30A gearbox, AFAIK the smaller gearbox came on pre-facelift CG10DE later ones (coil packs) got the larger gearbox. I think the pure face lift were pre 98? But don't quote me on that. Others round here will know more, the smaller gearbox was also on some k10s I believe but Australia didn't get those either.

Oh fitment, they use different diameter clutches and flywheels, it's very possible to mix and match but it isn't a straight bolt the gearbox up kind of thing. As I was only ever going to find the larger gearbox I didn't pay close attention...

PS: start researching try to know what you're in for because it can be a long road but the information is out there and you may as well take clues from those who have done it before, lots of conversions on the mini forum as well.
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